4 No-cook Snacks for the dancer on the go

Dancers are busy people. We’re also people who use a huge amount of energy every day. It can be tricky to fit eating properly around a packed schedule. Between school, classes, rehearsals, shows, homework and everything else you’ve got in the air, it can be tough to make sure you’re fueling your body correctly. We’ve put together a lineup of some of our favourite no-cook snacks that are simple to prepare and easily transportable, making them the perfect emergency snack for the dancer on-the-go! Remember that these snacks should form... Read More


What to expect at a pointe shoe fitting?

Nothing is more exciting in an aspiring dancer’s life than hearing the glorious words, “You’re ready to get pointe shoes.” Not quite sure what to expect at a first pointe shoe fitting? Read on and find out.


Perfect Ballet Bun

Want to learn to make the perfect ballet bun for class and exams? It’s a lot easier than it looks, we promise. Follow our foolproof steps and you’ll be a bunhead in no time.