Christmas Windows

I was strolling in Ranelagh today on my way to a very important meeting. As I passed Dance World, my all-time-favourite shop, I couldn’t help but notice the shimmering, glittering new window display!

At first, I thought “A Christmas window…already? But it’s only November!” I swiftly forgot my doubts as I gazed in delight at the charming winter scene before my eyes…

Two little pals, dressed up in their cosiest winter tutus, are having a snowball fight, just like I do with my chums! One of them has slipped and the other little girl is taking the chance to pelt her with a big snowball! Above them is a big snow cloud and if you look closely you can see there’s even a weather witch sending snow down for the girls to play in! SO magical! I wonder if the weather witches will send some snow for us in Dublin this Christmas?

The mice in Mouseville are up to all sorts of Christmastime shenanigans!

On the other side, another little girl is building a big snowman. Another thing I love to do too! She has such a pretty dress on, all sparkles and stars. As I gazed at the little girl’s dress wistfully, I spotted something even more adorable…there’s a little mouse village at the girl’s feet and the mice are up to all sorts of Christmastime shenanigans!

One little guy is heading to the Mouseville postbox to send an important card, a little mouse snowball fight is unfolding also, and one brave little mouse is learning how to ski! I spotted another little guy taking a break outside his toadstool house while enjoying an ice-cream cone! What fun these little mice are having…I hope Santa remembers to deliver presents to Mouseville in the window of Dance World in Ranelagh.

Make sure to drop by and check out the stunning new Christmas displays in both Dance World windows! You won’t be disappointed…you might even find the perfect gift for someone special, I know I did!

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