Elektra is here

So Danca’s revolutionary Elektra pointe shoe has landed in Dublin. This completely reinvented pointe shoe features customisable shanks, zero break-in period and the guarantee that this shoe will never break down! Intrigued? So are we! 

So Danca welcomes revolutionary Elektra pointe shoe to Dublin.

To celebrate the launch of the Elektra pointe shoe So Danca UK & Ireland held a launch party in the fabulous @studio10dublin on Wicklow Street in Dublin, and it was spectacular. Members of the dance community gathered for food, drinks, and a specially choreographed performance by @pro_yuli a member of Ballet Ireland, performed in the Elektra shoes of course! We were delighted to have our ambassador @niamhoflannagain taking part in the exclusive presentation by the So Danca USA Elektra expert, and we must admit, the Elektras looked AMAZING on her feet!

Dance World’s pointe shoe fitters have had intensive Elektra training and last week exclusive fitting events were held in both stores. An Elektra fitting is very different from any pointe shoe fitting you’ve ever had before. With so many shank options to choose from the shoe can be tailored exactly to a dancer’s needs and preferences. Shanks are available for purchase separately, meaning you have the opportunity to adjust the level of support your pointe shoes give at any time. The shanks are removable and the beauty of a shoe that is already broken-in is that from Day 1 you will have demi-pointe. When fitted correctly you should have roll-through immediately, meaning that the Elektra can technically be worn as a demi-pointe shoe and transformed into a full pointe shoe in seconds by inserting shanks!

Breaking pointe shoes in causes stress to the dancer’s body. Now Elektra is here, designed to reduce injuries. The foundation of the Elektra is a winged thermoplastic casing that will mimic the isolation of a human spine, to allow correct foot articulation, but will not degrade or soften with wear. Drawstrings have been replaced with a flat elastic, sewn between the satin and the liner. The elimination of a drawstring will prevent tendonitis, and the reinforced box has been designed to correct knuckling and should reduce stress-related complaints. So Danca’s aim in creating the Elektra is to support a generation of healthier, stronger dancers, a mission that we celebrate in Dance World.

Dance World is the only Irish dance retailer stocking the Elektra pointe shoe

We are so excited to be the only Irish dance retailer stocking the Elektra pointe shoe and we are dying to show them off! The Elektra will retail at €140. This includes one pair of pointe shoes, one Ring, and one set of shanks. You’ll also receive shoe elastic and a mesh shoe bag. Elektras are available for purchase by appointment ONLY as they must be fitted by a trained fitter. We welcome everybody to pop by and have a fitting, even if your old pointe shoes are still good, just come by and try the groundbreaking new shoe for yourself and tell us what you think.

Remember, all pointe shoe fittings are by appointment only, Elektra included. Call us in-store or email us at team@danceworld.ie for appointments.

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