Elektra – The Pointe of Reinvention

Elektra, the brand new pointe shoe engineered by So Danca will hit the shelves in Dance World stores this October. Marketed as “The Pointe of Reinvention” the Elektra pointe shoe has a few pretty interesting features, the most exciting being: the shanks are customisable, they encourage correct alignment, they will not break-down/die, and they require no break-in!

So Danca is an innovative dancewear brand that prides itself for being on the cutting edge. They collaborate with professional dancers to bring out stunning fashion collections, they have developed a line of vegan alternatives to their most popular footwear styles, and most recently, they decided to roll up their sleeves and bring us the perfect pointe shoe! They have spent three years determining the weaknesses of the average pointe shoe and combatting these limitations. At last, they have unleashed their dream shoe and Dance World is determined that Irish dancers should not miss out!

Customisable shanks

Shanks can be removed and are 100% interchangeable! There are several lengths and strengths to choose from, meaning that you can tailor a shoe to an individual dancer’s strength and preference. Shanks are also heat-responsive, allowing further manipulation and moulding. Elektra can also be worn as a demi-pointe shoe once the shanks are removed. Two-shoes-in-one!

No breaking-in required and no break-down.

“The Elektra offers the longest peak of pointe perfection in the market.” This means that the shoe is ready to wear upon purchase and is designed to remain ready to wear for longer than your average pointe shoe. The structure of the box will not break down or die, simply mould to the contours of your foot. So Danca claims that Elektra will last twice as long as other pointe shoes.[1]

Corrects alignment and trains safer dancers.

“Essential support is created by THE RING.”[2] The ring is an area within the box; made of a denser, reinforced material which encircles the toes and cuts down knuckling. “The elastomer shank housing imitates a human spine, allowing dancers to seamlessly roll through demi-pointe, encouraging correct foot articulation and enabling the development of stronger dancers!” In addition to the revolutionary elements within the shoe, the Elektra will also include a removable elastic ring to be used as a training tool to further aid alignment. By inserting the elastic under the shank and over the foot it creates a conscious connection between the foot and the shoe, so dancers can feel the pressure of the elastic and correct their placement on pointe.

Elektra is made with a synthetic satin, microfiber sole and antimicrobial liner, meaning it’s a vegan shoe. The liner is moisture-wicking, remaining cool to touch and is slip-resistant. The Elektra is a sleek, seamless shoe giving you the cleanest lines.[3] The leatherette lining will make it slightly difficult to attach ribbons to the shoes, however, so you may want to pin the ribbons where you want them and either use a sewing machine or bring them to a cobbler to attach.

One last point: the packaging is gorgeous…I know this technically shouldn’t matter but they are really nicely packaged. Each pair comes in a beautiful box including one elastic ring, one set of shanks, and a mesh shoe bag.

We are very excited to try out this new shoe and see whether it lives up to the hype! The Elektra shoe sounds a little bit too good to be true but until proven otherwise I’m excited to try out the new perfect pointe shoe! Exclusive fitting days will take place in Parnell Street on Thursday, October 17th and in Ranelagh on Friday, October 18th. Booking is essential. October 13th is global treat-yo-self day so why not extend it to treat-yo-self week and make an appointment to be fitted for a shiny pair of Elektras in Dance World? I know I’ll be there! 

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