New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me, bla bla bla…we get it! A new year has dawned, roll on 2020…but has anything actually changed?

You’re still in the same routine: same rehearsals running over, same dash to the gym after work, same jaded dancewear in the same tired dance bag? Why not seize the moment this year and add some pizzaz to your studio wardrobe? We’ve got some dazzling pieces to help you update your dance wardrobe. Ready to go from boring to brilliant? Read on…

Accessorize your studio ensemble

Nothing gives new life to an old leotard like a new accessory, be it a striking new skirt, new leggings or a cute mesh dress! So Danca has brought us some fantastic new cover-ups and we love, love, love them! Shop our extensive collection of skirts, shorts and other fab new accessories online and in stores to liven up your old leotards! While you’re at it, why not grab a new dance bag? It’s every dancer’s permanent accessory!

Layer your dance looks

Do you arrive at the studio in a tracksuit and hoodie? What’s the big deal right? It’s just the studio. How much more adorable would you feel arriving in this super-soft cardi from Deha, available in several colours to complement any outfit. Warm-up in comfort and style in our yoga and pilates collections. Activewear for every occasion, even lounging about the house!

Seamless from studio to street

Dancers have busy lives. We do class, we go to rehearsal, and we fit in a social life on top of everything else! We want to help you get more out of your time and we think that some of these pieces are just the thing for you! The adorable crop jumper from So Danca goes as well with a leotard as it does with jeans! Add legwarmers to a pair of boots; cosy has never been so cute!  

Treat yourself to some new dancewear!

Yes, you may have some truly lovely leotards that have served you well…but who could possibly say no to a new leotard when it looks as fab as some of these? We’re not saying go crazy or anything but how ‘bout the brand new Lyne leotard from So Danca(pictured above)? Or some of Bloch’s winter collection? To die for!!

If leotards aren’t your thing, why not check out some of our activewear? Non Posso Ho Danza and Mondor have high-quality leggings, tops and more exciting, studio fashion that you’re going to love! January is a long grey month, why not brighten up your dance bag a little with some new dancewear?

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