SPOTLIGHT ON: Rachel Tracey

Meet the tenacious Rachel Tracey, one of our new 2019/2020 Dance World brand ambassadors. She told us a little bit about her dance journey, what made her apply for the ambassador programme, and what she’s up to at the moment!

Tell us a little bit about your dance training so far: Where and when you started out and where you have trained?

I started dancing at the age of 4 at The Goode School Of Dance and attended that school until I went to college. I attended the NPAS, Shawbrook and summer camps whenever I could. I also joined INYB when I was 14. After school, I did one year at The College Of Dance. During that year I auditioned for Laine Theatre Arts and was accepted. The next year I moved to Epsom and did a 3-year course at Laine Theatre Arts in Musical Theatre Dance. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to do this with the support of my parents.

What do you love most about dancing?

All of the incredible experiences and opportunities it has given me. When taking a dance class it has the power to let you completely switch off from anything that is going on in your life and in your head. Expressing emotions through your body is a special feeling.

Can you tell us your favourite (dance-related) moment so far in your career?

“Singin’ in the Rain” in the Cork opera house. At the finale, I looked out into the audience and everyone was on their feet clapping, while we had our umbrellas up on the stage singing and dancing in the rain. A pinch me moment I will never forget!

What made you apply for the ambassador programme?

Six months ago I set myself a goal to aim higher and stop settling. I saw this as a pretty magical opportunity so I applied! Dance plays such a huge part in my life and what an incredible brand to be associated with and to work with.

If you could give one piece of advice to younger dancers, what would it be?

Own it! Own that pirouette you fell out of and try again. Own that routine you messed up and keep going with a smile on your face. Everything is achievable, don’t let what one person says to you affect you and get stuck on it.

What does the future hold for you?

So many exciting things! I’m currently in rehearsals for ‘Putting on the Ritz’. I am loving it because I’m getting the chance to learn ballroom, something I have always loved watching but never had the opportunity to learn. I am a part of XOD and we are launching our LED light show, which I look forward to performing in the next few weeks. What I love about what I do is that every week is different and I don’t know what I will be doing in 3 weeks time.

What is your favourite Dance World product?

The beige So Danca T strap character shoe, they are so elegant. I am definitely going to treat myself to a pair!

We are so delighted to be working with Rachel this year and look forward to sharing more amazing photos with you all soon! Keep an eye on our social media accounts and follow Rachel on Instagram to stay up to date with her and all the exciting goings-on in Dance World!


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