The Ballet Foot Stretcher

Looking for the perfect gift for the dancer in your life?

Have you heard about the Ballet Foot Stretcher? Looking for the perfect gift for the dancer in your life? Does someone in your dance class have one? Does your kid want one for Christmas? At first glance, the foot stretcher can look a little intimidating. Read on to learn more and visit us in stores to try it out for yourself!

What is the Ballet Foot Stretcher?

The BalletFootStretch®, invented by dancer and teacher David Campos, is an original and revolutionary tool to improve the arch of the foot. The ergonomic design is patented and each footstretcher is made of sustainably sourced wood. It is designed to be used as part of your stretching and training routine to gradually increase the range of mobility in the feet. 

How does the footstretcher work?

The BalletFootStretch® is essentially a piece of polished wood with 2 supporting curves: the first upward curve supports the arch of the foot and the second upward curve just behind the heel cup base, supports the posterior part of the heel joint (astragalus-calcaneus-tibia) during stretching. Once you place your foot on the device, you insert your foot and the footstretcher into the elastic pouch. Upon addition of the elastic band, a double upward counterforce with the 2 high-arched supporting curves is produced. In simple terms, this means that the forefront of the foot is stretched while the ankle is supported. The second curve at the heel relieves any pressure on the heel considerably. 

What are the benefits of using a BalletFootStretch®?

  1. BalletFootStretch® offers a highly dynamic and active stretch for your feet. It can improve the elasticity and range of motion of the entire leg, from the foot and knee to the hip. If you include a gentle session of footstretching with the BalletFootStretch® in your warm-up before your class you should feel that your feet are warmer and more elastic.
  2. BalletFootStretch® is a patented product. This means that it has been tested extensively. It is safe to use, once the instructions are followed closely and it is not overused or used incorrectly.
  3. The BalletFootStretch® can also be of service if you are experiencing difficulty in achieving roll-through in your pointe shoes. Insert your foot, with your pointe shoe on, into the footstretcher and perform some BalletFootStretch® exercises. The foot stretcher will mould your pointes correctly and will help you rise through to full pointe.
  4. One of the most important advantages of this invention is its design, which offers support for the ankle, exerting a countervailing force upward against the downward elongated stretching pressure action. The goal is to protect this sensitive joint area where plantar flexion stretching is taken further than usual and prevent tendinopathies or rear ankle “impingement”.

What is the opinion of doctors and physiotherapists?

There has, unsurprisingly, been some controversy over the efficacity and safety of the BalletFootStretch®. Some teachers are wary of the product and prefer their students not to make use of them. On the other hand, some medical professionals are delighted with the BalletFootStretch® and endorse it as a wonderful product that will improve mobility safely. Dr. Núria Massó, Licensed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Doctor of Medicine Specialties, Sports Medicine recognizes the “significant importance and usefulness of this invention to develop a dancer’s feet in a controlled, and yet dynamic, and safe” stretching process. 

Due to the increasing demands and aesthetic standards required from the dance field, BalletFootStretch® gives the dancers of today a unique alternative way to acquire a greater degree of mobility in their feet, simultaneously strengthening and lengthening lines. It saves them from resorting to dangerous practices and exposing their bodies to uncontrolled methods that lead to future injuries and strains in sensitive areas of the foot.

For more information visit our website or the BalletFootStretch® site. Better again, visit us in-store and we will be delighted to give you a demonstration of the wonderful BalletFootStretch® in action!


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