Back to school dance uniform checklists

Get ready for back to school with our handy dance uniform checklists!

September is on the horizon, bringing with it the clamour to get all the school books, replace the stationery, and check that the uniforms all still fit. It’s easy to forget that back to school also means back to dance classes and a whole other pile of uniforms and shoes to be checked. For many parents, this can cause a state of panic…what does she need for ballet? What has he grown out of? What about tights? Which are the right shoes? Breathe…breathe…we’ve got it covered.

We’ve put together a few checklists to ensure you don’t forget any of the essentials when shopping for your little dancer this autumn. Download the checklist here, then pop into one of our stores and our fantastic team can help you find everything you need from tights and shoes to leotards and warm-up gear…we even have stationery covered. Browse our uniform collections to find all the essentials and don’t forget those small accessories that take the stress out of back to school.

Points to consider:

Before you come to the shop or open up the online store you should check a few things.

  • Did the teacher give you any information regarding uniform regulations?

Most ballet/dance teachers have a uniform and they prefer if everybody sticks to it.

  • What grade or level is your child at?

The uniforms can change between grades and levels so if your child took an exam the previous year they may now require a new uniform. Try and check what level your child is at with a teacher if you’re unsure.

  • What is the dance teacher’s name, and the name of the dance school?

Teachers can register their uniform requirements with Dance World to make life easier for parents and students. Once you know the dance teacher’s name and what level your child is taking, the sales team in Dance World stores can look up the uniform and help you find it.

  • Is your child undertaking examinations or competitions soon?

If so it is important to have the fit of shoes checked by the teacher. In general, dance shoes should be worn tight, to show the shape and line of the foot. This may not be what you want to hear if you have a growing child and want to get some growing room in their shoes. We suggest a maximum of a half size up growing room in children’s dance shoes but if they have an exam or competition coming up teachers may veto this.

Irish dancing list – Most Irish Dancing teachers have a preference for brands and fit of shoes so try and ask them in advance.

Ballet list – Generally, ballet schools have relatively strict uniform lists that will include: a leotard, a skirt, tights or socks, shoes, and a cardigan for warm-ups. Ballet teachers like neat hairstyles so you may want to pick up a few pins, clips and hairnets too. If you need some guidance on creating a ballet bun check out our perfect bun post here.

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