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Gifts for Balletoman.

Are you ready to pirouette into the perfect gift for the ballet lover in your life? For those who leap at the chance to jeté into the world of dance, the options are as enchanting as a prima ballerina on stage!
From accessories that resonate with the grace of a ballet dancer to experiences that sweep them off their feet, there's a perfect gift waiting to take center stage for your balletomane!

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Save €120,00Warming Boot - JUST A BOOTWarming Boot - JUST A BOOT
Just A Corpse
Warming Boot - JUST A BOOT Sale price€178,00 Regular price€298,00
Cosy Warm-up Legwarmers - A024Cosy Warm-up Legwarmers - A024
Therapy Tape - 0305Therapy Tape - 0305
Therapy Tape - 0305 Sale price€10,00
 Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Warm Up Booties - IM 009B
Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Sale price€46,00
Smooth StickSmooth Stick
The Smooth Company
Smooth Stick Sale price€16,99
Professional Styling Comb - 4 in 1 Smooth Styler4 in 1 Smooth Styler Professional Styling Comb
Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE Sale priceFrom €575,00
Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289
Knitted Wrap-Over - D0670Knitted Wrap-Over - D0670
Save €96,00Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRONLaced Back Leotard - CHEVRON
Just A Corpse
Laced Back Camisole Leotard - CHEVRON Sale price€142,00 Regular price€238,00
Pinch Front Tank Leotard - ME 630Pinch Front Tank Leotard - ME 630
Pink Loose-fit Leg Warmer - INT 2040Pink Loose-fit Leg Warmer - INT 2040
Long Sleeve Shrug With Thumb Holes - 6277Long Sleeve Shrug With Thumb Holes - 6277
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5Warm Up Blanket - MAC5
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5 Sale price€24,00
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Sold outHair Kit - A 0801Hair Kit - A 0801
Dance Socks, Blochsox - A 1000Dance Socks - A 1000
Cosy Anklewarmers - A022Cosy Anklewarmers - A022
Cosy Legwarmers - A022 Sale price€32,00
Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075
The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009
Resistance Bands - MAC3
Resistance Bands - MAC3 Sale price€22,00
Sold outMesh Duffle Bag - 0232Mesh Duffle Bag - 0232
Mesh Duffle Bag - 0232 Sale price€75,00
Sold outClassic Wrap Skirt - R 9721Classic Wrap Skirt - R 9721
Maxical knit stirrup Long Legwarmers - 2020Maxical knit stirrup Long Legwarmers - 2020
Save €66,00Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKERUnique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER
Just A Corpse
Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER Sale price€98,00 Regular price€164,00
Classic Cross Strap Leotard - SL 18Classic Cross Strap Leotard - SL 18
Patterned Wrap Around Skirt - RDE 2218Patterned Wrap Around Skirt - RDE 2218
Cotton Duffle Bag - 0232Cotton Duffle Bag - 0232
Glitter Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01GGlitter Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01G
Lifeknit™ Dance Socks - H072Lifeknit™ Sox - H072
Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag - A 317Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag - A 317
Warm-Up Pull Over - 0673Warm-Up Pull Over - 0673
Front Zipper Leotard - SL 171Front Zipper Leotard - SL 171
Classic Knit Long Legwarmers - 2090Classic Knit Long Legwarmers - 2090
Single Ballet Barre - 212S
Gifted Dancer
Single Ballet Barre - 212S Sale priceFrom €360,00
Classic Rehearsal Tutu - R 2921Classic Rehearsal Tutu - R 2921
Sold outShort Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663Short Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663
Sold outStudio Bag - A 319
Studio Dance Bag - A 319 Sale price€42,00
Dance World
FlexiStretcher Sale price€79,95
Sold outUltimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531Ultimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531
Knitted Short Pants - 5193Knitted Short Pants - 5193
Vienna Short Sleeve Leotard - L 3392Vienna Short Sleeve Leotard - L 3392
Pointe Shoe Cover - AC 09Pointe Shoe Cover - AC 09
Blue Pointe PaintPurple Pointe Paint
Pointe Paint Sale price€14,00
Sold outSave €19,00Ballerina Relevé Pendant - MK 035
Dance World
Ballerina Relevé Pendant - MK 035 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Mini Bootie Keyring - A 0609Mini Bootie Keyring - A 0609
Save €19,00Ballerina Le Corsaire Pendant - MK 028
Dance World
Ballerina Le Corsaire Pendant - MK 028 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Parallel Ballet Barre - 212PParallel Ballet Barre - 212P
Ballet Foot Stretch® - DynamoBallet Foot Stretch® - Dynamo