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Gifts for Class Goer

Gifts for the dance class goer are all about enhancing their passion for movement and making their dance experience even more enjoyable. Practical yet thoughtful presents can truly elevate their time spent in the studio.
Consider a high-quality water bottle that keeps them hydrated through intense rehearsals or a sleek and functional dance bag to stylishly carry their essentials. For added comfort and style, a set of soft, moisture-wicking dancewear like leggings or tops can make them feel both confident and comfortable while practicing their moves.
Accessories can also make a meaningful gift. A portable ballet barre for home practice sessions or a set of resistance bands to help improve their flexibility and strength can be incredibly useful. And for those who enjoy documenting their progress, a dance journal or planner where they can jot down choreography notes and goals can be a thoughtful addition to their routine.
Let's not forget the power of recovery! Treat them to a soothing muscle roller or a massage ball to ease those post-dance sore muscles, ensuring they're ready to hit the floor again with renewed energy.
Whether it's gear that boosts their performance, accessories that aid in practice, or items that prioritize their well-being, there's a perfect gift waiting to support and inspire the dance class goer on their artistic journey!

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Studio Bag - A 319
Studio Dance Bag - A 319 Sale price€42,00
Hair Kit - A 0801Hair Kit - A 0801
Dance Socks - A 1000Dance Socks - A 1000
Dance Socks - A 1000 Sale price€20,00
FLEXIband - A 0926FLEXIband - A 0926
FLEXIband - A 0926 Sale price€25,00
Sold outUltimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531Ultimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531
Dance Bag & Backpack - ECHAPPEDance Bag & Backpack - ECHAPPE
Save €66,00Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKERUnique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER
Just A Corpse
Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER Sale price€98,00 Regular price€164,00
Leather Look Leggings - P 0528Leather Look Leggings - P 0528
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE Sale priceFrom €575,00
Resistance Bands - MAC3
Resistance Bands - MAC3 Sale price€22,00
Water Bottle - A 848Water Bottle - A 848
Water Bottle - A 848 Sale price€18,00
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5Warm Up Blanket - MAC5
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5 Sale price€24,00
Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape - TH 057
Maxical knit stirrup Long Legwarmers - 2020Maxical knit stirrup Long Legwarmers - 2020
Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122
Single Ballet Barre - 212S
Gifted Dancer
Single Ballet Barre - 212S Sale priceFrom €360,00
Pink Loose-fit Leg Warmer - INT 2040Pink Loose-fit Leg Warmer - INT 2040
Protective Knee PadsProtective Knee Pads
Protective Knee Pads Sale price€20,00
Sold outCross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210Cross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210
Massage Ball - 1532Massage Ball - 1532
Massage Ball - 1532 Sale price€7,50
Dance World
FlexiStretcher Sale price€79,95
Harmony Yoga Matt - JadeHarmony Yoga Matt - Jade
Pointe Canvas Holdall - BG 568Pointe Canvas Holdall - BG 568
Footsie Roller - TH 055
Ballet Foot Stretch® - DynamoBallet Foot Stretch® - Dynamo
Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170
Therapy Tape - 0305Therapy Tape - 0305
Therapy Tape - 0305 Sale price€10,00
 Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Warm Up Booties - IM 009B
Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Sale price€46,00
Lifeknit™ Sox - H072Lifeknit™ Sox - H072
Lifeknit™ Sox - H072 Sale price€19,50
Stretch Mesh Top - NATASHAStretch Mesh Top - NATASHA