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Gifts for Little Dancer.

For the tiniest twirlers and budding ballerinas, the perfect gifts are as delightful as their dancing steps! Embracing their love for movement and magic, there are treasures that can light up their world with each pirouette.
Imagine a sweet, shimmering tutu in their favorite color, making them feel like a fairy princess as they twirl around the room. Or perhaps a pair of adorable sparkling ballet shoes that make every step feel like a graceful dance across a stage.
For moments of imaginative play, a music box that plays a classic ballet tune while a tiny ballerina spins can be a magical addition to their room.
And why not gift them a dance-themed puzzle or game that not only entertains but also enhances their coordination and creativity? The smile on their face as they engage with these gifts will twirl your heartstrings like a dance of pure happiness!
From enchanting costumes to gifts that spark imagination, there's a perfect present waiting to make the little dancer's world shine brighter with every graceful step they take!

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Hurley Tulle Tutu Skirt - CR 4041Hurley Tulle Tutu Skirt - CR 4041
Harmonie Striped Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10983Harmonie Striped Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10983
Sold outBallerina Drink BottleBallerina Drink Bottle
Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701
Princess Mimi Magic Wand - 0012071Princess Mimi Magic Wand - 0012071
Little Ballerina Sticker Book - STIC25Little Ballerina Sticker Book - STIC25
Sold outPrincess Mimi Shoulderbag Deer WILD FORESTPrincess Mimi Shoulderbag Deer WILD FOREST
Cute Ballerina Backpack - BG 024Cute Ballerina Backpack - BG 024
Gabrielle Tank Tutu Dress - CL 1055Gabrielle Tank Tutu Dress - CL 1055
Perfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories TinPerfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories Tin
Princess Mimi Paint & Swipe BookPrincess Mimi Paint & Swipe Book
Princess Mimi Colouring Pencils & SharpenerPrincess Mimi Colouring Pencils & Sharpener
TOPModel Elastic Hairband Set - 0012698TOPModel Elastic Hairband Set - 0012698
Mini Lip Gloss Set - 0012173Mini Lip Gloss Set - 0012173
Feather Ballpen BALLET - 0012195Feather Ballpen BALLET - 0012195
Sold outHolly Short Sleeve Tutu Dress - CL 3332Holly Short Sleeve Tutu Dress - CL 3332
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Notebook & Pencil GLIITTER QUEEN - 0012645Notebook & Pencil GLIITTER QUEEN - 0012645
Cute Ballerinas Bag - BG 023Cute Ballerinas Bag - BG 023
Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697
Little Ballerina Pencil Case - NEOPEN11
Princess Mimi Super Cute Hairbrush - 0012633Princess Mimi Super Cute Hairbrush - 0012633
Crown Hair Band - 0011923Crown Hair Band - 0011923
Ylvi Unicorn Artificial Nails - 0011999Ylvi Unicorn Artificial Nails - 0011999
Watercolour Set BALLET - 0012248Watercolour Set BALLET - 0012248
Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112
Colouring Pencils - COLPEN2
Sold outColouring Book - SQCBK1Colouring Book - SQCBK1
Desdemona Tutu Dress - CL 7120Desdemona Tutu Dress - CL 7120
Sold outHair Accessories Tin - ZIP4
Retro Style Dance Bag - RVLOVE
Elara Mesh Back Tutu Dress - CL 4687Elara Mesh Back Tutu Dress - CL 4687
Ballerina Backpack - SMRUCK1Ballerina Backpack - SMRUCK1
Colouring Book BALLET - 0012122Colouring Book BALLET - 0012122
Princess Mimi Colouring Book - 0012016Princess Mimi Colouring Book - 0012016
Harmonie Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10980Harmonie Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10980
Groovycorn Backpack - CAP B248Groovycorn Backpack - CAP B248
Sold outMoon Dance Money Box - MONBOX31
Little Ballerinas Dance Bag - RVLPSBLittle Ballerinas Dance Bag - RVLPSB
Pencil-Set With Eraser-Topper - 0012088Pencil-Set With Eraser-Topper - 0012088
Little Ballerina Tutu Skirt - 10149Little Ballerina Tutu Skirt - 10149
Sequined Tutu Skirt - N 9815Sequined Tutu Skirt - N 9815
Colouring And Craft Book For Little Ones - 0012013Colouring And Craft Book For Little Ones - 0012013
Gold Sequin Sparkle Crown - N11089G
Blush Silver Ava Angel Doll - N11316BSBlush Silver Ava Angel Doll - N11316BS
Bronte Ballerina Bunny Doll - N11489PHBronte Ballerina Bunny Doll - N11489PH
Rose Garden Baby Unicorn Doll - N11525RGRose Garden Baby Unicorn Doll - N11525RG
Pale Pink Bronte Ballerina Bunny Doll - N11542PPPale Pink Bronte Ballerina Bunny Doll - N11542PP
Sparkly Sequin Bunny Crown - N11388GSparkly Sequin Bunny Crown - N11388G
Rose Gold Magic Wand - N10805SR