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Gifts Under 50.

When it comes to gifts for dancers, there's a world of options under €50 that combine practicality with a touch of dance-inspired elegance.Consider upgrading their dance gear with a high-quality dance bag that's not only stylish but also spacious enough to carry all their essentials. Another thoughtful gift could be a set of professional-grade resistance bands or stretching straps to help them improve flexibility and strength.

Indulge their senses with a set of soothing muscle recovery tools like a foam roller or massage balls, ensuring they can dance their heart out without worrying about sore muscles. And for a touch of personal flair, consider a dance-themed piece of jewelry that celebrates their passion. From gear that enhances their practice to gifts that celebrate their love for dance, there's a treasure trove of thoughtful presents under €50 waiting to support and inspire the dancer in your life!

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Product type
Dance Socks, Blochsox - A 1000Dance Socks - A 1000
Gabrielle Tank Tutu Dress - CL 1055Gabrielle Tank Tutu Dress - CL 1055
The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009
Long Sleeve Shrug With Thumb Holes - 6277Long Sleeve Shrug With Thumb Holes - 6277
Sold outStudio Bag - A 319
Studio Dance Bag - A 319 Sale price€42,00
Save €19,00Ballerina Neoclassico Pendant - MK 036
Dance World
Ballerina Neoclassico Pendant - MK 036 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Store Only Gift CardStore Only Gift Card
Mesh leggings - LAETITIAMesh leggings - LAETITIA
Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289
Shoulder Lace Leotard - SL 16Shoulder Lace Leotard - SL 16
Warm Up Crop Top - 6530Warm Up Crop Top - 6530
Dance Bag - MAC6Dance Bag - MAC6
Dance Bag - MAC6 Sale price€36,00
Knitted Short Pants - 5193Knitted Short Pants - 5193
Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376
Juliet Tutu Skirt - LD 137Juliet Tutu Skirt - LD 137
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5Warm Up Blanket - MAC5
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5 Sale price€24,00
Sold outClassic Wrap Skirt - R 9721Classic Wrap Skirt - R 9721
Thea Wrap Back Top - Z 0635Thea Wrap Back Top - Z 0635
Pinch Front Classic Leotard - SL 113Pinch Front Classic Leotard - SL 113
Resistance Bands - MAC3
Resistance Bands - MAC3 Sale price€22,00
Mini Covent Garden Dancer Bag PIN AB0207Mini Covent Garden Dancer Bag - AB 0207
Glitter Tap Dance Shoes - LHPH/LGlitter Tap Dance Shoes - LHPH/L
Save €19,00Ballerina Arabesque Études Pendant - MK 034
Dance World
Ballerina Arabesque Études Pendant - MK 034 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Sold outCross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210Cross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210
High-Low Pull On Skirt - MILLIEHigh-Low Pull On Skirt - MILLIE
Sweetheart Neckline Tank Leotard - SL 208Sweetheart Neckline Tank Leotard - SL 208
Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122
Sold outSave €19,00Ballerina Relevé Pendant - MK 035
Dance World
Ballerina Relevé Pendant - MK 035 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Save €15,00Basketball Shorts - 0109Basketball Shorts - 0109
Non Posso ho Danza
Basketball Shorts - 0109 Sale price€30,00 Regular price€45,00
Save €27,00Open-knee Dance Pants - 0093Open-knee Dance Pants - 0093
Non Posso ho Danza
Open-knee Dance Pants - 0093 Sale price€27,00 Regular price€54,00
Sold outUltimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531Ultimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531
Hurley Tulle Tutu Skirt - CR 4041Hurley Tulle Tutu Skirt - CR 4041
 Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Warm Up Booties - IM 009B
Pinch Front Tank Leotard - ME 630Pinch Front Tank Leotard - ME 630