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Starlight Elegance.

Starlight Elegance celebrates movement with shimmering grace. Embrace the stage in garments that capture the magic of every dance step, adorned with dazzling sparkles that illuminate your performance.

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Feather Ballpen BALLET - 0012195Feather Ballpen BALLET - 0012195
Dance World On Line Gift Voucher
Sold outShort Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663Short Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289
Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170
Save €19,00Ballerina Giselle Pendant - MK 030
Dance World
Ballerina Giselle Pendant - MK 030 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
X-Strap Ballroom Dance Shoes - BL 196Open Toe  Ballroom Shoe - BL 196
Glamorous Dance Shoes, Practice Shoes - BL 118Closed Toe Ballroom Shoe - BL 118
Glitter Tattoo Set BALLET - 0012322Glitter Tattoo Set BALLET - 0012322
Sold outSave €19,00Ballerina Relevé Pendant - MK 035
Dance World
Ballerina Relevé Pendant - MK 035 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Ballroom Dance Shoes - Practice Dance Shoes - BL 166Closed Toe Ballroom Shoe - BL 166
Save €19,00Ballerina Neoclassico Pendant - MK 036
Dance World
Ballerina Neoclassico Pendant - MK 036 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Amore Twist Back Sweater - Z 1069Amore Twist Back Sweater - Z 1069
Save €19,00Ballerina Le Corsaire Pendant - MK 028
Dance World
Ballerina Le Corsaire Pendant - MK 028 Sale price€20,00 Regular price€39,00
Silver Glitter Jazz Shoes for Kids - Full Sole Jazz ShoesChild's Glitter Jazz Shoe - Glitter
Crown Hair Band - 0011923Crown Hair Band - 0011923
Flare Heel Latin Dance Shoes - 108Flare Heel Latin Dance Shoes - 108
Store Only Gift CardStore Only Gift Card
Princess Mimi Magic Wand - 0012071Princess Mimi Magic Wand - 0012071
Sold outSnow Hairpins - A0125
Snow Hairpins - A0125 Sale price€16,00
Flared Heel Latin Shoe - TinaFBMFlared Heel Latin Shoe - TinaFBM
Mini Mesh Duffel Bag - 0231Mini Mesh Duffel Bag - 0231
Jewellery Box Small GLITTER QUEEN - 0012526Jewellery Box Small GLITTER QUEEN - 0012526
Sparkle Ballet Shoes - S0 291GSparkle Ballet Shoes - S0 291G
Ladies Standard Dance Shoe, Latino Heel - 161Latino Heel Ladies Dance Shoes - 161
Lip Balm BEAUTY & ME - 0012349Lip Balm BEAUTY & ME - 0012349
Sold outPrincess Mimi Pencil Case Deer WILD FOREST - 0012575Princess Mimi Pencil Case Deer WILD FOREST - 0012575
Ballroom Dance Shoes,  Practice Shoes - BL 504Closed Toe Ballroom Shoe - BL 504
Ballroom Dance Shoes, Low Heels - BL 198Low Heeled Ballroom Sandal - BL 198