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Sufflok Dancewear Collection - perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability.

Elevate Your Dancewear Collection with Suffolk Dance

Welcome to Suffolk Dance, where exceptional quality meets elegant design in our range of leotards and dance accessories. 

Premium Leotards: Discover collection of leotards, crafted from superior fabrics for maximum comfort, flexibility, and durability. Our range includes various styles, ensuring a perfect fit for every dancer.

Essential Accessories: Complete your dancewear with must-have accessories. From pointe shoe paste hardener to bun buddies, balance boards, and legwarmers, we provide everything you need to stay prepared and perform your best.

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Invisible Ballet Bun Hair Nets - 1548Invisible Ballet Bun Hair Nets - 1548
Self-Adhesive Toe Tape - 1534
Bobby Pin and Hair Pin Set - Style 1557
Elastic Drawstring - 1513
Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener - 1561
Self Adhesive Toe Tape 4 Pack - 1544Self Adhesive Toe Tape 4 Pack - 1544
Pointe Shoes Stitch Kit - 1525Pointe Shoes Stitch Kit - 1525
Tutu Hanger - 1596Tutu Hanger - 1596
Muscle Roller Stick - 1592Muscle Roller Stick - 1592
Pink Massage Ball - 1530Pink Massage Ball - 1530
Balance Board - 1593Balance Board - 1593
Foam Roller Set - 1591Foam Roller Set - 1591
Ballet Bun Doughnut, Large Bun Buddy - 1522
Ballet Bun Doughnut, Small Bun Buddy - 1521Ballet Bun Doughnut, Small Bun Buddy - 1521
Long Soft Modal Legwarmers - 6013Long Soft Modal Legwarmers - 6013
Drawstring Threader, Tool for Pointe Shoes - 1554Drawstring Threader, Tool for Pointe Shoes - 1554
High Neck Ribbed Design Leotard - 2654High Neck Ribbed Design Leotard - 2654
Balletcore Ribbed Design, Camisole Leotard - 2650Balletcore Ribbed Design, Camisole Leotard - 2650
Balletcore Camisole Leotard - 2652Balletcore Camisole Leotard - 2652