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Brand - No Nasties

Brand : No Nasties - products that prioritize safety and natural goodness.

No Nasties Kids are a great Aussie Company manufacturing all natural play makeup for kids, plant based hair care. Renowned for its commitment to natural kids cosmetics, including makeup and hair care products. Their range is specially formulated with gentle, non-toxic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals

When it comes to makeup, No Nasties offers a delightful selection of mineral-based products designed for kids. From vibrant eyeshadows to playful lip balms, each item is crafted with natural colors and nourishing elements, ensuring fun and safe makeup experiences without any compromise on quality. For hair care, No Nasties provides a range of gentle and effective products such as natural detanglers and hair styling gels. These formulations are enriched with botanical extracts and essential oils to nourish and protect delicate hair, making styling a breeze while maintaining a focus on natural, wholesome ingredients.

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Plant Based Kids Hair Gel
Water-Based Kids Nail Polish - PEEL OFF POLISHWater-Based Kids Nail Polish - PEEL OFF POLISH
Nala Pink Natural Kids Makeup Palette KitNala Pink Natural Kids Makeup Palette Kit
Twinkle Sprinkle Makeup Brush SetTwinkle Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set
Eco Natural Kids Makeup Pressed Powder - EYESHADOWSEco Natural Kids Makeup Pressed Powder - EYESHADOWS
Natural Kids Makeup Palette Kit - NANCYNatural Kids Makeup Palette Kit - NANCY
Natural Pretty Play Makeup - NIXIENatural Pretty Play Makeup - NIXIE
Bobbles Elastics SetBobbles Elastics Set
No Nasties
Bobbles Elastics Set Sale price€12,50
Detangler Kids Hair BrushDetangler Kids Hair Brush
All Natural Detangler SprayAll Natural Detangler Spray
Flavoured Natural Lip Gloss for KidsFlavoured Natural Lip Gloss for Kids
Peach Blush Eco Natural Kids MakeupPeach Blush Eco Natural Kids Makeup
Fun Nail StickersFun Nail Stickers
No Nasties
Fun Nail Stickers Sale price€6,50
Scented Scratch Off Kids Nail PolishScented Scratch Off Kids Nail Polish