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The Flexistretcher® is the leading flexibility and strength training tool used by dancers globally.  Harnessing the power of elastic resistance the Flexistretcher® safely improves flexibility, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch. *DVD not included*

Note: Black - older version sold without the box

New Pink FLEXISTRETCHER include:

  • NEW HARDWARE PIECES // Custom designed hardware to prevent sliding
  • CUSTOM LOOPS AND ELASTIC // Fully adjustable loops and custom strength elastic designed for ultimate resistance
  • RUBBER STOPPERS // Stoppers allow for the loop to always stay in place and avoid the slider piece from falling off
  • NEOPRENE SLEEVE // Beautifully embroidered logo on the sleeve allowing for a cleaner more tailored look
  • DESIGNED PACKAGING // Custom elegant box to enclose the product
  • BOX APPEAL // A grid of stretches and exercises to get started with your Flexistretcher
  • CARRYING BAG // Mesh bag that perfectly fits the Flexistretcher

Style: FLX FlexiStretchers


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