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Children's Performance

Discover the magic of performance with our exquisite collection of children's stage-worthy garments. From dazzling leotards to twirl-worthy skirts, enchanting dresses, and versatile separates, our curated selection ensures your little stars shine on any stage. Each piece is crafted with precision, combining style and comfort to elevate their performance experience. Browse our amazing collection and let your child's talent take center stage in these stunning and meticulously designed outfits.

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Product type
Lycra Sleeveless Leotard - SHEREELycra Sleeveless Leotard - SHEREE
Nylon/Lycra Long Sleeved Leotard - MARTENENylon/Lycra Long Sleeved Leotard - MARTENE
Stretch Tech Nylon Leotard - 3907Stretch Tech Nylon Leotard - 3907
Classic Hot Pants - PS 0032Classic Hot Pants - PS 0032
Turtle Neck Leotard - ROC 2008Turtle Neck Leotard - ROC 2008
Lycra/Nylon Shorts - HOTLycra/Nylon Shorts - HOT
Tank Classic Leotard - SL 07Tank Classic Leotard - SL 07
Sold outFitted Micro Shorts - CR 2704Fitted Micro Shorts - CR 2704
Lace Performance Leotard - SL 17Lace Performance Leotard - SL 17
Crop Top & Shorts Set - L 1633/1411Crop Top & Shorts Set - L 1633/1411
V-Cut Shorts - SL 81V-Cut Shorts - SL 81
Save €15,00Racerback Camisole Leotard - L 1815Racerback Camisole Leotard - L 1815
So Danca
Racerback Camisole Leotard - L 1815 Sale price€19,00 Regular price€34,00
Girls Camisole Leotard - L 1711Girls Camisole Leotard - L 1711
Save €9,00Corset String Tank Leotard - RDE 1653Corset String Tank Leotard - RDE 1653
So Danca
Corset String Tank Leotard - RDE 1653 Sale price€15,00 Regular price€24,00
Pull On Skirt - ALYSSAPull On Skirt - ALYSSA
Wrapped Back Top CZ 0535Wrapped Back Top CZ 0535
Wrapped Back Top CZ 0535 Sale price€20,00
Nadia Panelled Leggings - CP 4233Nadia Panelled Leggings - CP 4233
Elara Mesh Back Tutu Dress - CL 4687Elara Mesh Back Tutu Dress - CL 4687
Hurley Tulle Tutu Skirt - CR 4041Hurley Tulle Tutu Skirt - CR 4041
Cap Sleeve Leotard - L 2669Cap Sleeve Leotard - L 2669
Tahlia Camisole Crop Top - CZ 0127Tahlia Camisole Crop Top - CZ 0127
Ballroom Practice Dress - BALLROOM7Ballroom Practice Dress - BALLROOM7
Gabrielle Tank Tutu Dress - CL 1055Gabrielle Tank Tutu Dress - CL 1055
Camisole Racerback Straps Leotard - CL 4147Camisole Racerback Straps Leotard - CL 4147
Ballet Pull On Skirt - SL 63Ballet Pull On Skirt - SL 63
Mesh Frill Skirt - CR 9831Mesh Frill Skirt - CR 9831
Camisole Leotard With Velvet Trim - MARISACamisole Leotard With Velvet Trim - MARISA
Long Sleeve Girls Leotard - SL 130Long Sleeve Girls Leotard - SL 130
Fun Cap Sleeve Leotard - SD 2226Fun Cap Sleeve Leotard - SD 2226
Lace Cap Sleeve Leotard - SL 139Lace Cap Sleeve Leotard - SL 139
Save €13,00Juni Camisole Leotard - CL 9677Juni Camisole Leotard - CL 9677
Juni Camisole Leotard - CL 9677 Sale price€15,00 Regular price€28,00