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Pointe Shoes Accessories

Keep your body at peak fitness and protect your feet from unnecessary damage with our expertly designed padding selection. Our collection of pointe shoe accessories can be used in Irish dancing shoes and in heels or day shoes that take a little breaking in.

As a dancer, your body is your tool, we’re here to help you protect it! 

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Thick Pink Elastics
Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Pointe Shoes Gel Toe Pads - TH 001 PrestigePointe Shoes Gel Toe Pads - TH 001 Prestige
Pink Mesh Pointe Shoe ElasticPink Mesh Pointe Shoe Elastic
Gel Toe Pads - TH 003 PremiumGel Pointe Shoes Toe Pads - TH 003 Premium
Stitch Kit™ for Pointe Shoes
Stretch Stitch Kit - A 0527
Rainbow Lamb’s Wool
Gel Toe Pads - TH 100 Elegant
Sold outStretch Satin Pointe Ribbon - A 0528
Blue Pointe PaintPurple Pointe Paint
Pointe Paint Sale price€14,00
Sold outPointe Shoe Glue - TH 056
Ouch Pouch Style Toe Pads - TH 004
Suede Caps - TH 027
Pointe Pad - A 900
Pointe Shoe Cover - AC 09Pointe Shoe Cover - AC 09
Nylon Toe Pads - A094
Elastorib Pointe Shoe Ribbon - 0525
Satin Ballet Shoes Ribbon
Sold outToe Pads - TH 072 Expedio
Pointe Shoe Accessory Kit - AC 07
Sold outClassic Ribbon Stitch Kit - 0524Classic Ribbon Stitch Kit - 0524
Toe Pads - CozyToes BH 006Toe Pads - CozyToes BH 006
Sold outStretch Pointe Shoe Ribbon - AC 18
Tendonitis Ribbons - FlexersTendonitis Ribbons - Flexers
Toe Separators - A 908Toe Separators - A 908
Toe Separators - A 908 Sale price€14,00
Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener - 1561
Drawstring Threader, Tool for Pointe Shoes - 1554Drawstring Threader, Tool for Pointe Shoes - 1554
Pointe Shoes Stitch Kit - 1525Pointe Shoes Stitch Kit - 1525
Elastic Drawstring - 1513
Double Faced Elastorib Pointe Shoe Ribbon - 0532