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Brand - Yumiko

Yumiko - Designed to marry functionality with elegance
Yumiko leotards boast a wide range of styles, from classic cuts to innovative designs, ensuring there's something to suit every dancer's taste and needs. The brand's attention to detail is evident in the choice of premium fabrics that provide comfort, flexibility, and durability, essential for dancers who demand the best.
What sets Yumiko apart is their commitment to customization. Dancers can personalize their leotards with a variety of colors, fabrics, and embellishments, allowing them to express their unique style and personality. This bespoke approach has made Yumiko a staple in the dance community, favored by professionals and students alike.


6 prodotti


Classic Boat Neck Leotard - DIDIClassic Boat Neck Leotard - DIDI
Classic Low Back Leotard - SOFIANE DUOClassic Low Back Leotard - SOFIANE DUO
Camisole V-Neck Leotard - DARIACamisole V-Neck Leotard - DARIA
Camisole V-Neck Leotard - DARIA Prezzo scontato€82,00
Front Zip Leotard - JESSICA DUOFront Zip Leotard - JESSICA DUO
Front Zip Leotard - JESSICA DUO Prezzo scontato€96,00
Open Back Crew Neck Leotard - NOEOpen Back Crew Neck Leotard - NOE
Camisole Leotard With Velvet Trim - MARISACamisole Leotard With Velvet Trim - MARISA