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Gifts for a Queen of Style

When it comes to gifting the Queen of Style, it's all about embracing the rhythm with a touch of fabulous flair! For someone who moves through life with both grace and a flair for fashion, the perfect gift is a harmonious blend of elegance and creativity.
From fashion-forward pieces that dance with them to gifts celebrating their passion for movement, there's a perfect present waiting to make the Dancing Queen of Style shine even brighter!

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Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122
Mesh leggings - LAETITIAMesh leggings - LAETITIA
Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289Hope Twist Front Crop Top - Z 1289
Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170
Amore Twist Back Sweater - Z 1069Amore Twist Back Sweater - Z 1069
Save €66,00Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKERUnique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER
Just A Corpse
Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER Sale price€98,00 Regular price€164,00
 Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Warm Up Booties - IM 009B
Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Sale price€46,00
Sold outSave €25,00Off-Duty Terry Cropped Crew - JLW 5009Off-Duty Terry Cropped Crew - JLW 5009
Off-Duty Terry Cropped Crew - JLW 5009 Sale price€30,00 Regular price€55,00
Sold outHair Kit - A 0801Hair Kit - A 0801
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Save €120,00Warming Boot - JUST A BOOTWarming Boot - JUST A BOOT
Just A Corpse
Warming Boot - JUST A BOOT Sale price€178,00 Regular price€298,00
Audrey Camisole Leotard - L 1177Audrey Camisole Leotard - L 1177
Midi High-Low Mesh Skirt - 2115Midi High-Low Mesh Skirt - 2115
Cosy Anklewarmers - A022Cosy Anklewarmers - A022
Cosy Legwarmers - A022 Sale price€32,00
Sold outShort Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663Short Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663
Save €158,00Draped Padded Jacket - PARA CUTEDraped Padded Jacket - PARA CUTE
Just A Corpse
Draped Padded Jacket - PARA CUTE Sale price€237,00 Regular price€395,00
Knitted Wrap-Over - D0670Knitted Wrap-Over - D0670
Vienna Short Sleeve Leotard - L 3392Vienna Short Sleeve Leotard - L 3392
Dance Socks - A 1000Dance Socks - A 1000
Dance Socks - A 1000 Sale price€20,00
Embroidered Tulle Half Sleeve Leotard - SVETLANA DIEmbroidered Tulle Half Sleeve Leotard - SVETLANA DI
Long Sleeve Open Back Leotard - RDE 2658Long Sleeve Open Back Leotard - RDE 2658
Blanche Long Sleeve Leotard - L 1299Blanche Long Sleeve Leotard - L 1299
Save €96,00Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRONLaced Back Leotard - CHEVRON
Just A Corpse
Laced Back Camisole Leotard - CHEVRON Sale price€142,00 Regular price€238,00
Pull On Printed Skirt - RDE 2298Pull On Printed Skirt - RDE 2298
Smooth StickSmooth Stick
The Smooth Company
Smooth Stick Sale price€16,99
Prebagui Knit Stirrup Legwarmers - 2015Prebagui Knit Stirrup Legwarmers - 2015
Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697
Lip Balm BEAUTY & ME - 0012349Lip Balm BEAUTY & ME - 0012349
Save €90,00Draped Track Pants - PARA CUTEDraped Track Pants - PARA CUTE
Just A Corpse
Draped Track Pants - PARA CUTE Sale price€135,00 Regular price€225,00
Cindy Turtleneck Cap Sleeve Leotard - 31656Cindy Turtleneck Cap Sleeve Leotard - 31656
Save €16,00Wide Strap Crop Top - 15250Wide Strap Crop Top - 15250
Wide Strap Crop Top - 15250 Sale price€22,00 Regular price€38,00
Twist Back Activewear Top - 2684Twist Back Activewear Top - 2684
Knitted Short Pants - 5193Knitted Short Pants - 5193
Clotilde Classic Knit legwarmers - 2033Clotilde Classic Knit legwarmers - 2033
Compression And Elasticity Leggings - F 15117Compression And Elasticity Leggings - F 15117
The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009
Save €115,00Long Sleeved/Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRONLong Sleeved/Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRON
Just A Corpse
Long Sleeved/Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRON Sale price€171,00 Regular price€286,00
Boheme Camisole Leotard - M 2187Boheme Camisole Leotard - M 2187
Studio Bag - A 319
Studio Dance Bag - A 319 Sale price€42,00
Open Back Leotard - 31615Open Back Leotard - 31615
Jewellery Box Small GLITTER QUEEN - 0012526Jewellery Box Small GLITTER QUEEN - 0012526
Sold outJersey Duffle Bag - 0232Jersey Duffle Bag - 0232
Cosy Warm-up Legwarmers - A024Cosy Warm-up Legwarmers - A024
Save €33,00Off-Duty Oversized Crew Sweatshirt - JLW 5008Oversized Crew Sweatshirt - JLW 5008
Off-Duty Oversized Crew Sweatshirt - JLW 5008 Sale price€32,00 Regular price€65,00
Sold outStriped Cotton Shrug With Thumb Holes - 6398Striped Cotton Shrug With Thumb Holes - 6398
Glitter Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01GGlitter Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01G
Professional Styling Comb - 4 in 1 Smooth Styler4 in 1 Smooth Styler Professional Styling Comb
Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01
Warm-Up Pull Over - 0673Warm-Up Pull Over - 0673
Sold outStriped Cotton knit Legwarmers - 2024Striped Cotton knit Legwarmers - 2024