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Gifts for Dancing Teen

When it comes to gifts for dancing teens, it's all about blending their passion for movement with a dash of style and inspiration.
Opt for fashionable yet functional dancewear from popular brands that allow them to express their personality while feeling comfortable during rehearsals. You might also consider a trendy dance-themed hoodie or a set of versatile leggings that transition seamlessly from the studio to casual outings.
And let's not forget about the power of self-care! Consider a massage roller or a self-care kit filled with muscle recovery essentials, ensuring they feel refreshed after putting their heart and soul into their dance practice.
From stylish dancewear to tools that elevate their training, there's a range of thoughtful gifts waiting to support and encourage the passion of the dancing teen!

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The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009
Alora Camisole Skirted Leotard - CL 0507Alora Camisole Skirted Leotard - CL 0507
Sold outHair Kit - A 0801Hair Kit - A 0801
Pink Stirrup Ankle Legwarmer - INT 2010Pink Stirrup Ankle Legwarmer - INT 2010
Scarlett Camisole Skirted Leotard CL - 1187Scarlett Camisole Skirted Leotard CL - 1187
Sold outClassic Knit Legwarmers - 2030Classic Knit Legwarmers - 2030
TOPModel Backpack BALLET - 0012250TOPModel Backpack BALLET - 0012250
Children's Jazz Pants - CP 5453Children's Jazz Pants - CP 5453
Sold outShort Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663Short Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663
V-Cut Shorts - SL 81V-Cut Shorts - SL 81
Patterned Wrap Around Skirt - RDE 2218Patterned Wrap Around Skirt - RDE 2218
Sold outUltimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531Ultimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Smooth StickSmooth Stick
The Smooth Company
Smooth Stick Sale price€16,99
Professional Styling Comb - 4 in 1 Smooth Styler4 in 1 Smooth Styler Professional Styling Comb
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE Sale priceFrom €575,00
Maxical knit stirrup Long Legwarmers - 2020Maxical knit stirrup Long Legwarmers - 2020
Mini Covent Garden Dancer Bag PIN AB0207Mini Covent Garden Dancer Bag - AB 0207
Bun Doughnut - TH 045Bun Doughnut - TH 045
Perfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories TinPerfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories Tin
Short High Low Mesh Skirt - 2114Short High Low Mesh Skirt - 2114
Cotton Knit Stirrup Legwarmers - 2301Cotton Knit Stirrup Legwarmers - 2301
Note Pad With Magnet Closure CUTIE STAR - 0012439Note Pad With Magnet Closure CUTIE STAR - 0012439
Sold outCross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210Cross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210
Ballroom Practice Dress - BALLROOM7Ballroom Practice Dress - BALLROOM7
Warm Up Jumpsuit - U 1207Warm Up Jumpsuit - U 1207
Warm Up Jumpsuit - U 1207 Sale price€35,00
Pull On Printed Skirt - RDE 2298Pull On Printed Skirt - RDE 2298
Feather Ballpen BALLET - 0012195Feather Ballpen BALLET - 0012195
Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112
Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697
Single Ballet Barre - 212S
Gifted Dancer
Single Ballet Barre - 212S Sale priceFrom €360,00
Lace Performance Leotard - SL 17Lace Performance Leotard - SL 17
Low Back Cap Sleeved Leotard - SL 209Low Back Cap Sleeved Leotard - SL 209
Girls Camisole Leotard - L 1711Girls Camisole Leotard - L 1711
Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075
Watercolour Set BALLET - 0012248Watercolour Set BALLET - 0012248
Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376
Resistance Bands - MAC3
Resistance Bands - MAC3 Sale price€22,00
Pink Loose-fit Leg Warmer - INT 2040Pink Loose-fit Leg Warmer - INT 2040
Mesh Back Design Leotard - SL 131Mesh Back Design Leotard - SL 131
Sold outClassic Wrap Skirt - R 9721Classic Wrap Skirt - R 9721
Girls Camisole Dance Leotard - SL 175Girls Camisole Dance Leotard - SL 175
Colouring Book BALLET - 0012122Colouring Book BALLET - 0012122
Save €15,00Racerback Camisole Leotard - L 1815Racerback Camisole Leotard - L 1815
So Danca
Racerback Camisole Leotard - L 1815 Sale price€19,00 Regular price€34,00
Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170Aspen Thigh High Legwarmers - W 1170
Small Shoulder Bag BALLET - 0012251Small Shoulder Bag BALLET - 0012251
Therapy Tape - 0305Therapy Tape - 0305
Therapy Tape - 0305 Sale price€10,00
Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701
 Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Warm Up Booties - IM 009B
Warm Up Booties - IM 009B Sale price€46,00
Lifeknit™ Sox - H072Lifeknit™ Sox - H072
Lifeknit™ Sox - H072 Sale price€19,50