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Gifts for Gymnast

Finding the perfect gift for a gymnast means catering to their dedication, athleticism, and boundless energy. Practical yet exciting gifts that complement their training can truly make a difference.
Why not consider a set of high-quality gymnastics grips to protect their hands during practice or a sturdy, stylish gymnastics bag to carry all their gear? A set of resistance bands can also be a fantastic addition to their training routine, helping them build strength and flexibility.
For those moments off the mat, a water bottle or a durable, insulated tumbler can keep them hydrated during intense training sessions. And since recovery is key, a foam roller or massage ball can help soothe tired muscles after a rigorous workout.
Additionally, gymnastics-themed apparel, like a fun gymnastic leotard.
Whether it's gear that aids their training, items that promote recovery, or gifts that celebrate their passion for gymnastics, there's a perfect present waiting to support and encourage the teen gymnast on their gymnastics journey!

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Product type
Ombré Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard - Z590 IDOLOmbré Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard - Z590 IDOL
Diamante BowDiamante Bow
Diamante Bow Sale price€15,00
Smooth StickSmooth Stick
The Smooth Company
Smooth Stick Sale price€16,99
Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112
Metalic Gymnastics Leotard - 27884Metalic Gymnastics Leotard - 27884
Fun Print Gymnastics Leotard - 37822Fun Print Gymnastics Leotard - 37822
Long Sleeved Gymnastics Leotard with Ombre Mesh - Z694 VogueLong Sleeved Gymnastics Leotard with Ombre Mesh - Z694 Vogue
Sold outCross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210Cross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210
Hairbrush BEAUTY & ME - 0012344Hairbrush BEAUTY & ME - 0012344
Basic Palm GuardBasic Palm Guard
Gymnastics Wrist BandGymnastics Wrist Band
Professional Styling Comb - 4 in 1 Smooth Styler4 in 1 Smooth Styler Professional Styling Comb
Sold outUltimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531Ultimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531
Elegance Sleeveless Shine Gymnastics Leotard - Z2139Elegance Sleeveless Shine Gymnastics Leotard - Z2139
Spiky Massage Ball MAC4Spiky Massage Ball MAC4
Girls' Gymnastics Leotard - Z697 ButterflyGirls' Gymnastics Leotard - Z697 Butterfly
Lady HandguardLady Handguard
Tank Leotard with Crystal Motif - Z687 SpiritTank Leotard with Crystal Motif - Z687 Spirit
Ombré Gymnastics Sleeveless Leotard - Z678 CandyflossOmbré Gymnastics Sleeveless Leotard - Z678 Candyfloss
Gym Magnesium - Chalk
Gym Magnesium - Chalk Sale price€3,75
Sunbeam Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard - Z 102 GLA8Sunbeam Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard - Z 102 GLA8
Therapy Tape - 0305Therapy Tape - 0305
Therapy Tape - 0305 Sale price€10,00