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High & Halterneck Leotards

High neck & halterneck leotards are a stylish and practical choice for dancers. With a higher neckline that extends to the back, they offer excellent support and coverage during intense movements, making them popular for ballet, contemporary dance, and more. Made from stretchy materials like spandex or nylon, they provide comfort and flexibility while allowing dancers to showcase their unique style through various designs. Beyond the studio, these leotards can be paired with skirts or shorts for a fashionable look, blending sophistication with functionality seamlessly.

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Product type
Key Hole Back High Neck Leotard - SL 176Key Hole Back High Neck Leotard - SL 176
Front Zipper Leotard - SL 171Front Zipper Leotard - SL 171
Open Back Leotard - 31615Open Back Leotard - 31615
Sold outBallet Tank Leotard with Zip - 31468Ballet Tank Leotard with Zip - 31468
High Neck Lace Leotard - AmelieHigh Neck Lace Leotard - Amelie
Save €66,00Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKERUnique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER
Just A Corpse
Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER Sale price€98,00 Regular price€164,00
Front Zip Leotard - 31618Front Zip Leotard - 31618
Halter Low Back Leotard - M 3104Halter Low Back Leotard - M 3104
Arya Open Back Leather Look Leotard - L 0545Arya Open Back Leather Look Leotard - L 0545
 Arcacia Long Sleeve Leather Look Leotard - L 0539Arcacia Long Sleeve Leather Look Leotard - L 0539
Blanche Long Sleeve Leotard - L 1299Blanche Long Sleeve Leotard - L 1299
Long Sleeve Sporty Leotard - RDE 2646Long Sleeve Sporty Leotard - RDE 2646
Cassandra Short Sleeve Leotard - 31663Cassandra Short Sleeve Leotard - 31663
Exclusive High Neck Leotard - RDE 2680Exclusive High Neck Leotard - RDE 2680
Turtleneck Halter Leotard - 31613Turtleneck Halter Leotard - 31613
Alyssa Floral Zip Back Leotard - 3375Alyssa Floral Zip Back Leotard - 3375
Mesh Cap Sleeve Leotard - 2112Mesh Cap Sleeve Leotard - 2112
Open Back Leotard - 632Open Back Leotard - 632
Cindy Turtleneck Cap Sleeve Leotard - 31656Cindy Turtleneck Cap Sleeve Leotard - 31656
Triangle Back Leotard - 2106Triangle Back Leotard - 2106
Open Back Crew Neck Leotard - NOEOpen Back Crew Neck Leotard - NOE
Front Zip Leotard - JESSICA DUOFront Zip Leotard - JESSICA DUO
Cassia Floral Halterneck Leotard - 3317Cassia Floral Halterneck Leotard - 3317
Mesh Inserts Leotard - 2111Mesh Inserts Leotard - 2111
Classic High Neck Leotard - 633Classic High Neck Leotard - 633
High Neck Leotard - ME 2101High Neck Leotard - ME 2101
Kayla Halterneck Leotard - L 1085Kayla Halterneck Leotard - L 1085
Coco Turtleneck Sleeveless Leotard - 31654Coco Turtleneck Sleeveless Leotard - 31654
Teardrop Cutout Leotard - CelestineTeardrop Cutout Leotard - Celestine