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Uni-Flex Slip On Jazz Shoes - JZE 45L

Sale price€40,00

Size Guide: Adult's Shoes

Some of our dance shoes come in European or American sizes which we convert into English sizing. The size you ordered may not match the size on the box, but it is the correct converted size. Please try on both shoes to check the fit.

Please note that the size chart is intended as a guide only, sizes may vary from style to style. If you are unsure of the size please e-mail our Customer Care team.

Shoe Sizes - Woman

Size 2 UK 3 UK 4 UK 5 UK 6 UK 7 UK 8 UK 9 UK
EUR 34 35 - 35.5 36.5 37.5 - 38 39 40.5 41.5 43
USA 5L 6L 7L 8L 9L 10L 11L 12L
CM 22 22.9 23.7 24.5 25.3 26.2 27 27.9

Shoe Sizes - Men

Size 6 UK 7 UK 8 UK 9 UK 10 UK 11 UK 12 UK
EUR 39 40.5 41.5 43 44 - 44.5 tbc tbc
USA 9L 10L 11L 12L 13L tbc tbc
CM 25.3 26.2 27 27.9 28.7 tbc tbc

These Uni-Flex So Danca Jazz Shoes (JZE45) are made of soft leather and have a low-cut profile, cotton lining, and a nylon-spandex insert at the arch for a perfect fit. The specially designed nylon spandex and elastic panel midsection make this jazz shoe both stretchy and secure - perfect for any quirky performer!

With a split rubber sole and rubber heel, it's great for spinning and pointing. So flex your feet and let your inner jazz dancer shine!

Style: SOD JZE 45

Note: The sizing of dance shoe differs from common shoe sizes - please see size recommendation

Low Cut Jazz Boot - JZE 45L
Uni-Flex Slip On Jazz Shoes - JZE 45L Sale price€40,00

Available in 2 shades

lightweight super-flex

This lightweight super-flex, slip on So Danca jazz shoe is made from the softest leather and a pre-arched stretch neoprene to ensure a perfect fit. With a low cut profile and pre-arched insert, this shoe enhances your pointe and lengthens the leg line. Ideal for any performer, it has a split rubber sole and rubber heel making it perfect for spinning and pointing.