Brocklebank Academy of Dance

Brocklebank Academy of Dance

Warm and welcoming RAD registered school offering ballet classes for all ages and levels in Dublin 1, Dublin 4 and Dublin 18. Classes run for ages 2 years up to adults. Students have the opportunity to enter for RAD exams and take part in our shows in the Helix. RAD teacher training also provided for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching. All teachers are registered with the Royal Academy of Dance.
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The Brocklebank Academy of Dance offers classes for all ages from 2 years to adults and all levels from beginners to advanced in a friendly and welcoming environment. Students are entered for RAD examinations and have the option to participate in the school show every two years.​

All teachers are fully qualified and registered with the Royal Academy of Dance.




Uniform List:


Leotard: Chloe: Pink 

Skirt: P.Skirt - Pink 

X.over: Wool - Pink 

Shoes: SD 69 Pnk

Socks: Pink Ballet Socks


GRADE 1 -2

Leotard: Aimee: Lavender 

Tights: Debut or Convertible - PINK- TS 81

Character Skirt: Pink ribbons 

Character Shoes - Low Heel - RO12s or RO 12L



Leotard: Faith: Mulberry

Tights: Debut kids or Debut ladies or Convertible Pink - TS 82

Character Skirt: Pink ribbons

Character Shoes: Cuban heel - RO 14