Catherine Casey School of Dance

Catherine Casey School of Dance

In the Catherine Casey school of dance your child will learn not only to dance, but how to make new friendships, to work as a team, and above all to believe in themselves.
We believe that each child should know that they can have a positive and meaningful impact on their world. What better way to empower your child than to show them that they can be a change for good while doing something that they enjoy.
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Here at the Catherine Casey School of Dance the central ethos of the school is inclusion and great care is taken to ensure that each and every student gets the most value from their time with us.

Among the things our parents tell us they love are
  • Age-specific classes designed to help each child reach their individual potential.
  • Annual Christmas class demonstrations so you can see your child's progress.
  • School photo shoots with a professional photographer.
  • Fully staged biennial shows.
  • Age appropriate Audition opportunities.
  • Locally accessible classes with lively, engaged teachers who are there for your child.



Uniform List:


Dress - ISTDJ - Rose Pink

X/over Wool - White

Tights - Debut Pink

Ballet Shoes - SD 69 Pink



Dress - ISTDJ - Rose Pink 

X/Over Wool - White 

Tights - TS 73 Pink or Debut Pink

Ballet Shoes - SD 69 Pink



Leotard - SHEREE - Royal Blue

Skirt - ISKIRTS - Navy

X/Over Wool - White

Shorts: - Pineapple, Bloch or So Danca - black

Ballet Shoes - Canvas SD 16 Pink or Leather SD 60 Pink



Leotard - L 2750  or L 5415 

Skirt - Wrap Skirt - SL 60 Black

Shorts - PS0020 or SL169

Ballet Shoes - Canvas SD 16 Pink or Leather SD 60 Pink