Cork School of Dance

Cork School of Dance


Cork School of Dance is a well established ballet school in Cork City. We offer a progressive curriculum in classical ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, PBT, choreography and body conditioning.

Our students range from pre-school to university level. All students are encouraged to believe in themselves and whatever aspirations and dreams they may have. 

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Cork School of Dance is a thriving, experienced and exciting dance school based in Firkin Crane, the home of dance in Cork, in the heart of the historical Shandon Quarter of Cork City.

Established in 2009 by, Sinéad Murphy, F.I.S.T.D., Imperial Ballet Examiner, RADTC, ALCM , the school provides a nurturing environment for its students to learn the disciplines of a variety of dance genres with fully qualified and internationally renowned Guest teachers. We are a school that constantly evolves according to current trends and a school that has a future for your child. Children are accepted from the age of 3 years. At this age ballet is taught through imaginative stories and rhymes. It has been proved that children who take ballet at this age benefit greatly, showing improved co-ordination, motor skills, deportment, self - awareness and confidence.

Cork School of Dance provides a high standard of training in ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary dance. We have a 100% pass rate in I.S,T.D. exams, which are optional, and we have the experience to teach from pre-school all the way to Advanced level in each genre. Regular performing opportunities include our renowned annual Christmas production, our end of year showcase, performing with Cork City Ballet, Cork Opera House pantomimes, charitable and corporate events.





Uniform List:

Pre-school, Pre-Primary 

Dress: RV 2383 Aqua

Tights: TS 73 Footed Pink 

Ballet Socks 

Shoes: BLO S0 232 - Satin 

X/Over – White Cotton from Freed 



Dress: RV 2383 Aqua

Tights: TS 73 Footed Pink 

Ballet Socks 

Shoes: BLO S0 232 - Satin 

X/Over – White Cotton from Freed 


Grade 1 and 2 

Leotard: RV 2382 Aqua 

Tights: TS 81 – Pink Convertible 

Ballet Socks : If needed at Grade 1 

Shoes: BLO S0 232s - Satin  or BLO S0 232L

X/Over – White Cotton from Freed 


Grade 3 and 4 

Leotard: RV Elizabeth Navy

Skirt: Optional - Navy Chiffon 

Tights: TS 81 – Pink Convertible 

Shoes: BLO S0 232L

X/Over: Navy Cotton from Freed 


Grade 5,6, Inter, Advanced 1 & 2 

Leotard: BLO L2750 Black 

Skirt: SL 60 Black 

Tights TS 82 Convertible Pink

Shoes: SD 16 Pink – Canvas split sole 

Shoes (Show and Exam) - Shoes: BLO S0 232L

Jumper: E-11200 Black 



Grade 1, 2 and 3 

Leotard: RV Elizabeth Mulberry 

Shorts: CR2704 – Bloch Black 

Tights: Black Footless TS 69 or TS 70

Shoes: JZ 76 Caramel 


Grade 4,5 

Leotard: RVElizabeth Royal Blue

Shorts CR2704 – Bloch Black or R3614 (ladies sizes) 

Tights: Black footless TS 70

Shoes: JZ 76 Caramel 


Garde 6 +

Leotard: RV Elizabeth Purple 

Shorts CR2704 – Bloch Black or R3614 (ladies sizes) 

Tights: Black footless TS 70

Shoes: JZ 76 Caramel