Leinster School of Dance

Leinster School of Dance

LSOD strives to teach a mixture of artistry, athleticism and the joy of dancing, and help each of our dancers grow their movement skills over the course of time. For this reason, we offer classes ranging from the beginner  baby ballet to  pre professional level in ballet and acro classes.

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"Dance to the beat of your dreams"

At Leinster School Of Dance we offer classical ballet classes and acrobatic classes. We are a certified dance studio with qualified dance teachers. We offer fun and safe dance classes ages 3 years to adults. 

We have opportunity's for student's to take place in examinations with the acrobatic arts, Irish board of dance performance and the ISTD. We take part in competitions and of course many stage performances.



CONTACTS: shaunaballerina@gmail.com


Uniform List:

Primary - Blackrock & Dun Laoghaire 

Dress: RV 2383 Aqua 

Tights: TS 73 Pink 

Shoes: SD 69 Pink 

Crossover: *Sells School Hoodie 


Primary - Moat (Westmeath) 

Dress: RV 2383 Pink  

Tights: TS 73 Pink 

Shoes: SD 69 Pink 

Crossover: *Sells School Hoodie 


Level 1 & 2 

Leotard: ILEO Purple 

Tights: TS 73 Pink 

Skirts: ISTD Amber * Optional 

Shoes: SD 69 Pink 

Crossover: *Sells School Hoodie 



Leotard: Any Black Leotard 

Like L2750 Black, L5415 Black and SL-16 Black

Tights: TS 81 light Pink (kids) or TS 82 Light Pink (adults)

Shoes: SD 16 Pink 



Shoes: JZ 76 Black