Miss Ali Stage School

Miss Ali Stage School

A top Performing Arts School with the highest quality and innovative training. A space of dance, performance, theatre, music and fun. With state of the art facilities and incredible opportunities. Book your trial class today and we guarantee that you will love it!
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Would you like your child to increase their confidence, make new friends and develop their dancing ability whilst having a great time? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at the award-winning Miss Ali Stage School we appreciate the benefits of positive thinking and good discipline for children. We offer various forms of dance, from jazz dance, commercial dance, and ballet, to musical theatre and lyrical dance.

With over fifteen years of experience in our field we know how to get the best from our dancers, from our little ones (age three), all the way through to our young adults (at the ripe age of twenty). We offer state of the art facilities and encourage students to make the most of the incredible opportunities on offer.



CONTACTS: missalidance@gmail.com


Uniform List:

Older Students

Shoes:  SO 538 (No Jazz Shoes NO CAPEZIO) 

Leggings: Plain black


Younger Students: 

Shoes:  SO 538 (No Jazz Shoes, black ballet shoes for under size -10)

Leggings: Plain Black



Baby Ballet: 

Shoes: Black Leather ballet shoes


Shoes:  SO 538