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Pointe Shoes

Nothing is more thrilling for an aspiring dancer than hearing the magical words, “You’re ready to get pointe shoes!” Start your pointe journey with us and explore our exquisite range of pointe shoes. Our collection features top brands like Bloch, Capezio, Grishko, Merlet, and Repetto. Ensure your performance is flawless with our industry-leading ballet pointe shoes.

Find the Ideal Fit: Pointe Shoes for Beginners and Professionals

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we offer pointe shoes and demi-pointe shoes to meet all skill levels, available in various materials, soles, shanks, and tonal colorways. Discover your perfect pair of pointe shoes today by browsing our exceptional selection!

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With our 40 years of fitting behind us and our range of shoes, our team of fitters are trusted and beloved  by students, dancers and teachers all across Ireland. Our team of fitters are expertly trained to tackle any issues and find your perfect fit

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Balance European - Strong ES 0160Balance European - Strong ES 0160
Eurostretch Pointe Shoes - S0 172
Synthesis Pointe Shoes - S0 175
European Balance - ES 0160European Balance - ES 0160
Demi Pointe Shoes - S0 135