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Plain Thick - Super Star Baton

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The SUPER STAR baton is the world's most popular baton. The unique star shaped ball won't allow the baton to roll away when dropped. It is manufactured of the finest materials available. The plain thick Super Star has no 'flutes' on the shaft.

It is manufactured of the finest materials available. It is truly the baton that can do anything the athlete can do. It is balanced perfectly for fast rotation, rolls, and ease of handling.

HOW TO MEASUREThere are few methods for measuring for a twirling baton. They will produce slightly different results so please ask your teacher which they prefer. 

General Method: Stand straight and have arms out parallel to the floor. Then, measure from the armpit to the tip of the middle finger. If the number falls between lengths, size up.

Style: STA Thick Flu Super Star


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