Dancing Jewels Ballet School

Dancing Jewels Ballet School

Dancing Jewels Ballet School was established in 2009. The School is following IDTA syllabus and focusses mainly on Ballet, however to improve body's abilities and enhance wider understanding of the dance, incorporates Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Acro, PBT and Stretching classes and techniques. Candidates are taking part in IDTA exams, various shows, festivals and competitions. 
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DJBS highly values each of their members, fostering love for dance and giving an opportunity for every person to shine, explore their abilities and potential in dance.

At the same time as focusing on improving ballet technique, students are encouraged to enhance their abilities of the body, incorporating stretching classes, contemporary and jazz dance and to use their creativity exploring free movement through improvisation.


CONTACTS: dancingjewels@live.ie


Uniform List:


Girls Basic Ankle Socks CODE: BALLET SOCKS



Kids fully footed Tights CODE: TS 73

Women's Fully Footed tights CODE: TS 74



Lycra Sleeveless Leotard CODE: SHEREE

Sleeveless Lycra Leotard CODE: SHEREE IDTA

Cotton Sleeveless Leotard CODE: RDE 8000 / New Style Code SL 167

Classic Tank Leotard CODE: L 5415

Stretch Tech Nylon Leotard CODE: DAN 3906

Classic Ballet Leotard CODE: L 5436

Elegant Leotard CODE: RDE 8082 / New Style Code SL 02



Wraparound Skirt CODE: SL 60

Lycra Circular Skirt CODE: LCSS

Lycra Circular Skirt CODE: LCSS IDTA



2.5" Shiny Lycra Headband CODE: HAIRBAND – LYCRA



Kids leather ballet shoes CODE: SD 69

Vegan Stretch-canvas Ballet Flat CODE: SD 16 – VEGAN

Stretch-canvas, Split Sole Ballet Flat CODE: SD 16L

Soft Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe CODE: SD 60L



Regulation ballet crossover cardigan CODE: PUL X/OVER – WOOL

Girls cotton-feel Crossover CODE: FRE X/OVER - COTTON