Darcy Dance

Darcy Dance School

Providing the highest professional standards in dance training for each students ability. Classes from age 4 to College level. Teen Ballet Programme for Recreational Dancers. TY Dance Programme for schools. Professional Career Training and Imperial Ballet Examinations for dancers wishing to progress. Performance Opportunities for All Students. At Darcy Dance, children and young adults are immersed in a happy and stimulating atmosphere where they are guided to develop physical, intellectual and emotional well-being.

Confidence and Good Self-Esteem

At Darcy Dance, we teach from our heart and dance from our soul.  It is because of that that so many of our students describe dance class as ‘their happy place’. We encourage our students to believe in themselves and to strive to be their very best; fostering confidence and self-esteem.

Diversity for Broader Education

At Darcy Dance, our students benefit from a exposure to a diverse variety of dance styles. This broad range of education ensures the best knowledge from a variety of syllabi from ISTD, RAD, Russian Ballet, Modern Theatre, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and more.



CONTACTS: 087 6638467


Uniform List:

Primary/ Junior

Leotard: ROC RV2383 pink or Freya Pink 

Ballet Shoes: SD 69 Pink

Tights: Seamless Pink - TS 73


Grade 1 and PRIMARY

Skirted Leotard: RV2383 Aqua

Ballet Shoes: SD 69 Pink

Tights: Seamless Pink - TS 73



Leotard: RV Elizabeth MULBERRY


Tights: Pink Covertible TS 81 (kids) or TS 82 (adults)

Shoes: Split Sole Pink SD 16 OR SD 16 bigger sizes



Leotard: RV Beatrice Lilac

Skirt: RV Matilda Lilac

Tights: Pink Covertible TS 81 (kids) or TS 82 (adults)

Shoes: Split Sole Pink SD 16 OR SD 16 bigger sizes


Grade 4: 

Leotard: RV Elizabeth NAVY 

Tights: Convertible Pink TS 82 or Light Tan TS 82 

Ballet Shoes: Split Sole Pink SD 16 


Teen Dancers

Black Leotard Ballet Style - Student Choice 

Tights: Convertible Pink TS 82 or Light Tan TS 82 

Ballet Shoes: Split Sole Pink SD 16 or Nude SD 16

Pointe Shoes: By Appointment