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Children's Irish Dancing Shoes, Featherflexi Jig Shoes - GFF 02 *Discontinued*

Sale price€95,00

Size Guide: Children's Shoes

Some of our dance shoes come in European or American sizes which we convert into English sizing. The size you ordered may not match the size on the box, but it is the correct converted size. Please try on both shoes to check the fit.

Please note that the size chart is intended as a guide only, sizes may vary from style to style. If you are unsure of the size please e-mail our Customer Care team.

Shoe Sizes

Size 7Child UK 8Child UK 9Child UK 10Child UK 11Child UK 12Child UK 13Child UK 1 UK
EUR 24 25 - 25.5 26.5 27.5 - 28 29 30 - 30.5 31.5 32.5-33
USA 8s 9s 10s 11s 12s 13s 3s 3.5s
CM tbc tbc tbc tbc 18.6 19.4 tbc tbc

Fits true to size. Read MORE INFORMATINS for more informations.

Discover the ultimate choice for children's Irish dancing shoes with the Featherflexi Jig Shoe. Designed specifically for young dancers, these shoes are perfect for both beginners and intermediate dancers, providing the support and stability they need to master their moves.

Innovative Features for Optimal Performance

The Featherflexi Jig Shoe boasts a range of innovative features that set it apart from the rest:

  • Sturdy yet Flexible Leather Sole
  • Superior Soft and Durable Leather Uppers
  • Reinforced Toe Box
  • High-Density Fibreglass Tips

Ideal for Learning and Performing

The Featherflexi Jig Shoe is more than just a pair of shoes; it’s an investment in your child's dancing future. Its thoughtful design and superior materials make it the perfect choice for children learning the art of Irish dancing. Whether practicing at home or performing on stage, these shoes will support your child every step of the way.

Please note: Product Discontinued - please see Essential Jig Shoe

Style: GOL GFF02 CH

Note: The sizing of dance shoe differs from common shoe sizes - please see size recommendation

Children's Irish Dancing Shoes, Featherflexi Jig Shoes
Children's Irish Dancing Shoes, Featherflexi Jig Shoes - GFF 02 *Discontinued* Sale price€95,00

Available in 2 shades

Lifeknit™ FootUndeez™

Capezio Lifeknit™ footUndeez™ offer effortless movement, plus support, squeeze, and lift. An antimicrobial material helps keep air fresh and prevents bacteria buildup. Dual sole patches provide the grip needed for lyrical and modern routines, while the self-knit top band ensures they stay secure during every spin. Dance on!