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TOPModel Pencil with Eraser - 0012852

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Discover the fun and animal-cute world of TOPModel pencils, perfect for inspiring creativity and bringing joy to every writing task. Designed to be as unique as your imagination, these pencils are ideal for anyone who love to add a touch of whimsy to their school supplies.

TOPModel Pencil with Eraser: Fun and Animal-Cute, Key Features:

Key Features:

  • Adorable Animal Designs: Choose from three captivating designs, each featuring a beloved TOPModel character and their adorable animal friend:

    • TOPModel Fergie with Koala: Fergie and her cute koala buddy bring an Aussie charm to your pencil case.
    • TOPModel Candy with Zebra: Candy and her zebra friend add a dash of wild fun with their striking black-and-white stripes.
    • TOPModel Louise with Panda: Louise and her panda pal offer a touch of exotic appeal with their adorable panda-themed design.
  • Bright and Fluffy: Each pencil is topped with a brightly coloured, fluffy feather, adding a fun and tactile element that young girls will love to touch and play with during study breaks.

  • High-Quality HB Lead: Our TOPModel pencils feature durable HB lead, perfect for smooth writing and drawing, ensuring a great experience whether for schoolwork or creative projects.

Style: DES 0012852

TOPModel Pencil with Eraser - 0012852
TOPModel Pencil with Eraser - 0012852 Sale price€3,50