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Gifts Under 25.

For dancers, the rhythm of thoughtful gifts doesn't have to break the bank! There's a world of presents under 25 that will have them leaping with joy.
How about a durable and stylish water bottle to keep them hydrated through rehearsals, or a set of resistance bands to enhance their strength and flexibility? These affordable yet practical gifts are perfect companions for their dance journey.
And let's not forget the magic of accessories! A dance-inspired keyring or a trendy dance-themed tote bag can be a charming way to showcase their passion beyond the dance floor. 
From functional tools to expressive accessories, there's an array of thoughtful gifts under 25 waiting to support and celebrate the dancer's dedication to their craft!

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Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag - A 317Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag - A 317
FLEXIband - A 0926FLEXIband - A 0926
FLEXIband - A 0926 Sale price€25,00
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5Warm Up Blanket - MAC5
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5 Sale price€24,00
Hair Kit - A 0801Hair Kit - A 0801
Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075
Sold outBallerina Drink BottleBallerina Drink Bottle
Sold outToe Wrap Pointe Tape - A 0304
Blue Pointe PaintPurple Pointe Paint
Pointe Paint Sale price€14,00
Professional Styling Comb - 4 in 1 Smooth Styler4 in 1 Smooth Styler Professional Styling Comb
Glitter Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01GGlitter Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01G
Dance Socks, Blochsox - A 1000Dance Socks - A 1000
Sold outUltimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531Ultimate Muscle Roller - BH 1531
Dance World On Line Gift Voucher
Cute Ballerinas Bag - BG 023Cute Ballerinas Bag - BG 023
Sold outColouring Book - SQCBK1Colouring Book - SQCBK1
Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112
Sold outHair Accessories Tin - ZIP4
Store Only Gift CardStore Only Gift Card
Perfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories TinPerfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories Tin
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01Pointe Shoe Keyring - KCE 01
Resistance Band - A 0925Resistance Band - A 0925
Resistance Band - A 0925 Sale price€14,00
Massage Ball - 1532Massage Ball - 1532
Massage Ball - 1532 Sale price€7,50
Cute Ballerina Backpack - BG 024Cute Ballerina Backpack - BG 024
Pointe Canvas Holdall - BG 568Pointe Canvas Holdall - BG 568
Mini Tap Shoe Keyring - KCE 02
Ballerina birthday Card - JIG64Ballerina birthday Card - JIG64
Little Ballerina Sticker Book - STIC25Little Ballerina Sticker Book - STIC25
Stickerworld BALLET DES 0012123Stickerworld BALLET DES 0012123
Colouring Book BALLET - 0012122Colouring Book BALLET - 0012122
Sold outPrincess Mimi Shoulderbag Deer WILD FORESTPrincess Mimi Shoulderbag Deer WILD FOREST
Smooth StickSmooth Stick
The Smooth Company
Smooth Stick Sale price€16,99
TOPModel Magic Double Marker - 0011398TOPModel Magic Double Marker - 0011398
Little Ballerina Pencil Case - NEOPEN11
Groovycorn Backpack - CAP B248Groovycorn Backpack - CAP B248
Hairbrush BEAUTY & ME - 0012344Hairbrush BEAUTY & ME - 0012344
Colouring Pencils - COLPEN2
Sold outMoon Dance Money Box - MONBOX31
TOPModel Neon Deco Marker Set - 003555TOPModel Neon Deco Marker Set - 003555
Crown Hair Band - 0011923Crown Hair Band - 0011923
Diamante BowDiamante Bow
Diamante Bow Sale price€15,00
Sold outShort Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663Short Stirrup Legwarmers With Metalic Thread - 2663
Classic Knit Long Legwarmers - 2090Classic Knit Long Legwarmers - 2090
Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701
Harmonie Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10980Harmonie Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10980
Harmonie Striped Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10983Harmonie Striped Pamper Legwarmer - CK 10983
Lifeknit™ Dance Socks - H072Lifeknit™ Sox - H072
Little Ballerina Tutu Skirt - 10149Little Ballerina Tutu Skirt - 10149
Ballerina Sholder Ballet Bag - 0010151Ballerina Sholder Ballet Bag - 0010151