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dance foot protection


Have you got achy dancer’s feet from hours in the studio? Do you spend so long in your pointe shoes that your blisters have blisters? Well stop crying and start shopping Tech Dance dance foot protection accessories at Dance World. Tech Dance makes the best protective accessories for dancer’s feet, from spacers to gel pads. We’ve picked out our tip-top sellers and the products we think you’ll be most interested in from our dance accessories collection!

1. Spacemaker: like your teacher says “correct alignment is everything”

When dancing on pointe you place a huge amount of pressure on your toes. You need to ensure that you’re maintaining correct toe alignment inside the toe box. Spacemakers are jelly shapes, placed between the first toe and the big toe to correctly align the big toe joint. Spacers aid in the treatment and prevention of bunions. Ensuring correct alignment in your toes in pointe shoes and other shoes is vital in the prevention of bunions and other painful foot complaints in dancers’ feet. We stock two types of spacers. One with a soft, stretch cotton band that slips over your big toe to keep the spacemaker in place and another style without. Such an easy step in your dance foot protection routine.

If you think you should be wearing a spacer to correctly align your toes in pointe shoes ask your teacher or call us in stores. Fitters will generally carry out foot assessments during all pointe shoe consultations. You can call in and request a fitter to assess your feet.

2. Bunion Guard: for instant pain relief

When your big toe becomes angled towards your second toe, it’s called a bunion (hallux valgus). This causes a bony bump on the side of your foot at the base of the big toe. In addition, there is often thickening of the skin and tissues next to the affected joint. The thickened skin and tissues may become inflamed, swollen and painful. Using a spacer can protect a dancer’s feet from developing bunions but sometimes they can be hereditary. Tech Dance’s bunion guard is slim and easy to wear but offers soothing relief in tight and not-so-supportive dance shoes. Bunions can be hereditary but they can also be exacerbated by pointe work. A bunion guard may just be the next essential addition to your dance foot protection emergency kit.

3. Mini gel pads: the jack of all trades of dance foot protection

Anyone out there have one toe longer than the others? If you do then you might be experiencing unnecessary pain in your longer toe. A longer toe will often take more pressure than it needs to in a pointe shoe. There is a simple answer though. Individual toe tip pads can be used as levellers to even the playing field and spread weight more evenly in a pointe shoe’s toe box. With different sizes for big and smaller toes, these mini toe pads come in two styles. One is gel coated in stretchy cotton and the other style is a simple clear shock-absorbent gel. These are easy to trim to size and will prevent bruising on soft toes, can be used as a spacer in a pinch and most importantly can lengthen a shorter toe so that weight is more evenly distributed in your pointe shoes. 

We also stock mini gel pad circles that have so many dance foot protection functions. Use them as a teeny-weeny spacer between your toes. You can use them as levellers and you can fashion a makeshift blister-plaster out of these mini gel pads too.


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