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Article: Gymnastics Lingo Made Easy: A Fun Glossary for Young Gymnasts

Gymnastics Lingo Made Easy: A Fun Glossary for Young Gymnasts

Gymnastics Lingo Made Easy: A Fun Glossary for Young Gymnasts

Gymnastics is an exciting sport that combines flips, tumbles, and elegant routines. If you're a newcomer, all the fancy words used in the gymnastics world might seem a bit confusing at first. Don't worry; we're here to make it easy and fun for you. Welcome to Gymnastics Terminology 101 – your ultimate guide to the lingo of the gymnastics world. Let's dive in and have some fun!


Fancy word for the equipment we use in gymnastics. Think of it as our "gymnastics playground," including the beam, bars, vault, floor, and rings.

  • Vault : A super cool apparatus that we run towards and then jump over with flips and twists. It's like flying!
  • Uneven Bars: Two horizontal bars at different heights where we swing, flip, and spin. It's all about being as creative as possible.
  • Parallel Bars: Two bars set close together where we show off our strength and balancing skills. It's like a gymnastics balancing act!
  • Balance Beam: A long, skinny, and tall beam where we balance, flip, and dance. It's all about staying steady and looking graceful.
  • Floor Exercise: The spongy mat where we tumble, jump, and show off our gymnastics moves. It's like our big, bouncy canvas.
  • Pommel Horse: A single handlebar that we swing around on, making it look easy (although it's not!).
  • Rings: Two big rings hanging in the air where we do strength moves that make us look super strong.

This is like a gymnastics dance. It's a special sequence of moves and tricks that gymnasts practice and perform on the apparatus.

Artistic Gymnastics:
This is where we show our skills on the floor, beam, bars, and vault. It's all about being graceful and strong, like a gymnastics superhero!

Rhythmic Gymnastics
This is like gymnastics with a little bit of dance and a lot of sparkle. We use ribbons, hoops, and balls to make our routines look amazing.
Flips, rolls, and somersaults on the floor or trampoline. It's like being a gymnastics acrobat!

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When a gymnast does a landing without any wobbles, steps, or hops. It's like sticking to the ground like glue!

Release Move
When we let go of a bar, do an amazing trick, and then catch the bar again. It's like gymnastics magic.

A competition that includes all the gymnastics apparatus. We compete in different events to find out who's the all-around gymnastics champ!

The last move in a gymnastics routine where we jump off the apparatus. It's like our grand finale.

Learning these words is like learning the secret language of gymnasts. Now, when you watch gymnastics on TV or start practicing, you'll know exactly what's going on. Have fun exploring the world of gymnastics, and remember, you're just a cartwheel away from joining the gymnastics superstars in the making!

Enjoy your gymnastics adventure! 🤸‍♂️🌟

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