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Article: Boyne Ballet

Boyne Ballet

Boyne Ballet

Boyne Ballet is led by ABT® National Curriculum Level V certified teacher, Michelle Flynn-Ireland's only American Ballet Theatre certified teacher.

Boyne Ballet follows the American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough nine-level program that combines high quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development.

We offer access for ballet students to participate in ABT® examinations in Ireland, as well as apply for ABT® summer programs. Our school provides a positive learning environment in which young dancers can grow and thrive.

Our training program combines high quality artistic training with basics of dancer's health and child development. The ABT National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate and outcomes-based guidelines to provide dance students of all ages and ability levels with the highest quality ballet training.


w w w . b o y n e b a l l e t . c o m

Phone: 085 213 9072



Uniform List:

PRE-PRIMARY: (Age 4 and 5)
Skirted Leotard: CHARLOTTE Pink

PRIMARY: (Age 6 and 7)
Skirted Leotard: CHARLOTTE Pink

LEVEL1: (Age 8)
Leotard: ELIZABETH (Mulberry)
Skirt: CAD 800 (Mulberry)

LEVEL2: (Age 9)
Leotard: BEATRICE (Lilac)
Skirt: MATILDA (Lilac)

LEVEL3: (Age 10 and 11)
Leotard: ELIZABETH (Navy)
Skirt: ISKIRTS (Navy)

SHOES: Pink Ballet Slipper (recommandations):
SD 69 (Child Size) / SD 69 (Adult Size)
SD 16 (Child Size) / SD 16 (Adult Size)
SD 60 (Child Size) / SD 60 (Adult Size)

TIGHTS: Light Pink 
TS 73 / TS 74
TS 81 / TS 82

OPTIONAL: Cardigans
PUL X/Over

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