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Dancers Dream Gifts.

Dream gifts for dancers are those that elevate their passion to new heights, whisking them away into a world of artistic inspiration and seamless movement.
Imagine gifting them a personalized dance studio experience – portable ballet barre that transforms their space into a haven for practice and creativity.
Dream gifts for dancers go beyond material items; they're about nurturing their passion and providing opportunities that propel their love for dance to even greater heights.

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Dance Socks, Blochsox - A 1000Dance Socks - A 1000
Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376Small Case For Dance Shoes & Accessories - 0376
Sold outMini Cotton Duffel Bag - 0231Mini Cotton Duffel Bag - 0231
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075
Save €88,00Luxurious Long Sleeve Leotard - TERSICORE GLLuxurious Long Sleeve Leotard - TERSICORE GL
Luxurious Long Sleeve Leotard - TERSICORE GL Sale price€132,00 Regular price€220,00
Save €96,00Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRONLaced Back Leotard - CHEVRON
Just A Corpse
Laced Back Camisole Leotard - CHEVRON Sale price€142,00 Regular price€238,00
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE
Ballet Barre - JULIETTE Sale priceFrom €575,00
Warm Up Dance Top - 0689Warm Up Dance Top - 0689
Save €108,00Sophisticated Design Half Sleeve Leotard - VITTORIA GLSophisticated Design Half Sleeve Leotard - VITTORIA GL
Sophisticated Design Half Sleeve Leotard - VITTORIA GL Sale price€162,00 Regular price€270,00
Warm-Up Pull Over - 0673Warm-Up Pull Over - 0673
Save €115,00Long Sleeved/Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRONLong Sleeved/Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRON
Just A Corpse
Long Sleeved/Laced Back Leotard - CHEVRON Sale price€171,00 Regular price€286,00
Save €74,00Lace Detailed Leotard - IRIS DILace Detailed Leotard - IRIS DI
Lace Detailed Tank Leotard - IRIS DI Sale price€111,00 Regular price€185,00
Cosy Anklewarmers - A022Cosy Anklewarmers - A022
Cosy Legwarmers - A022 Sale price€32,00
Save €120,00Warming Boot - JUST A BOOTWarming Boot - JUST A BOOT
Just A Corpse
Warming Boot - JUST A BOOT Sale price€178,00 Regular price€298,00
Save €66,00Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKERUnique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER
Just A Corpse
Unique Seamless Neck Leotard - CHOKER Sale price€98,00 Regular price€164,00
Mini Mesh Duffel Bag - 0231Mini Mesh Duffel Bag - 0231
Save €110,00Wrap Bodysuit With Short Puff Sleeves - DIRNDLWrap Bodysuit With Short Puff Sleeves - DIRNDL
Just A Corpse
Wrap Bodysuit With Short Puff Sleeves - DIRNDL Sale price€165,00 Regular price€275,00
Long Sleeve Open Back Leotard - RDE 2658Long Sleeve Open Back Leotard - RDE 2658
Mesh leggings - LAETITIAMesh leggings - LAETITIA
Dance Bag & Backpack - ECHAPPEDance Bag & Backpack - ECHAPPE
Mini Covent Garden Dancer Bag PIN AB0207Mini Covent Garden Dancer Bag - AB 0207
Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag - A 317Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag - A 317
Knitted Wrap-Over - D0670Knitted Wrap-Over - D0670
Sold outCross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210Cross-Body Kit Bag  - AB 0210
Single Ballet Barre - 212S
Gifted Dancer
Single Ballet Barre - 212S Sale priceFrom €360,00
The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009The Iconic Warm Up Bootie - IM 009
Cosy Warm-up Legwarmers - A024Cosy Warm-up Legwarmers - A024
Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122Covent Garden Bag - AB 0122
Save €64,00Classic Camisole Leotard - SWANClassic Camisole Leotard - SWAN
Just A Corpse
Classic Camisole Leotard - SWAN Sale price€94,00 Regular price€158,00
Sold outStudio Bag - A 319
Studio Dance Bag - A 319 Sale price€42,00
Dance World
FlexiStretcher Sale price€79,95
Harmony Yoga Matt - JadeHarmony Yoga Matt - Jade
Parallel Ballet Barre - 212PParallel Ballet Barre - 212P
Ballet Foot Stretch® - DynamoBallet Foot Stretch® - Dynamo
Dance Cotton Large Duffle Bag - 0233Dance Cotton Large Duffle Bag - 0233
Sold outJersey Duffle Bag - 0232Jersey Duffle Bag - 0232
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5Warm Up Blanket - MAC5
Warm Up Blanket - MAC5 Sale price€24,00