Dublin School of Dance and Etiquette

Dublin School of Dance and Etiquette

Founded in 2011 by Elena Degtyareva. Since then Dublin School of Dance and Etiquette has grown from strength to strength. Over the years Elena has trained many children and adults in the art of dance . The school runs classes in a number of Dublin venues from Ashtown to Clontarf.
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Elena Degtyareva was born in Taskent, Uzbekistan. Her skills are as a Dancer, Dance Teacher and Choreographer. She was educated at The Russian Vaganova Ballet Academy (Uzbekistan) and graduated with a state diploma as a dancer for ballet, folk dance and musical.

She also received qualifications as a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Teacher and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Modern Theatre Dance Teacher.



CONTACTS: info@thirdarabesque.com


Uniform List:

Under Grade 2

Skirted Leotard: RV 2383 Pink 

Footed Tights: TS 73 Pink 

Ballet Shoes: SD 69 Pink 


Grade 2 to Grade 4 

Leotard (Tropic Green): SL 116 (Child Size) or SL 115 (Adult Size)

Footed Tights: TS 73 Pink  (Child Size) or TS 74 Pink (Adult Size)

Ballet Shoes: SD 69s Pink  or SD 69L Pink


Grade 5 and Grade 6 

Leotard Black: SL 16

Footed Tights: TS 73 Pink  or TS 74 Pink

Ballet Shoes: SD 16 Pink


Optional Items 

X/Over cardigans