Metropolitan School of Dance

Metropolitan School of Dance

The Metropolitan School of Dance has been providing classes in classical ballet for all ages from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2 and Pre-Professional since its foundation in 1945 by our patron Patricia Joan McCarthy.

At our school, we welcome children from 3 years of age to the magical world of ballet, from their first steps in a dance studio through their pre-professional training. We offer classical ballet training of the highest standards in a friendly and encouraging environment.

The Metropolitan School of Dance is Dublin’s oldest ballet school with over 70 years of history. The classes are taught following the Royal Academy of Dance’s syllabus. Each teacher is passionate about dance and each class is structured for the students to develop a love for dance in a fun and welcoming environment. The school organises a show at the O’Reilly Theatre at Belvedere College for the children to showcase their talent and family and friends to enjoy. Children can participate in examinations to enter the next Ballet grade if they like.

Our school offers a Young Dancers Programme aimed for children aged 3 – 6 where various props and instruments are used for children to get familiar with musical expression, different dance styles, and coordination skills. If your child is seeking a professional career in dance, there are specialised classes for older students to prepare them for a career in dance.





Uniform List:



Leotard: Chloe Pink 

Skirt: P.skirt Pink

Tights: seamless pink/ socks pink - TS 73

Shoes: SD 69 Pink 

X/Over Pulsara - Pink 


GRADE 1 + 2 

Leotard: Aimee Lavender 

Skirt (option) - Pskirte Lilac 

XOver - Freed Cotton Lavender 

Tights - seamless pink - TS 73

Shoes - SD 69 Pink 


GRADE 3 + 

Leotard- Allowed any fashion leotard.

Tights - Convertible Pink - TS 82

Shoes - SD 16 Pink