Performing Arts School Galway

Performing Arts School Galway

The school teaches a variety of styles of dance, drama and singing. Large numbers of students audition for limited places each year. PASG caters for all levels covering the demands/capabilities of each student.


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PASG was founded in September 1992 and has become well known as one of the highest and well respected schools of its time, providing the very best standard of professional training, giving all students the chance to reach their full potential.

Instructors are highly trained and qualified. This is demonstrated by the widespread success of PASG graduates in almost every branch of the performing arts

Students can take IDTA examinations each year and LAMDA drama examinations are available and optional. Students are afforded the opportunity to take professional dance/performer examinations.





Uniform List:


Leotard - IDTA Sharee Pale Pink

Skirt - IDTA LCSS Pale Pink

X.Over - Pink

Tights - Debut Pink



Leotard: Sheree Black, L 5415, L 2750, L 3617