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Elastic Drawstring - 1513

Sale price€5,50


Suffolk's Elastic Drawstring replacement, perfect for pointe shoes or ballet slippers. This 52-inch (132cm) elastic drawstring, specifically tailored for pointe shoe, provides the ideal balance of comfort and flexibility for your feet.

How to replace Elastic Drawstring in Pointe Shoes:

  1. Remove the old drawstring from your shoes by carefully untying and pulling it out.
  2. Use elastic drawstring toghether with drawstring threader
  3. Follow instructions
  4. Once the drawstring is threaded through both sides, adjust the tightness to your preference.
  5. Trim any excess length for a neat finish.

Style: SUF-1513

Elastic Drawstring - 1513
Elastic Drawstring - 1513 Sale price€5,50