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Self Adhesive Toe Tape 4 Pack - 1544

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Fun & Colorful Self Adhesive Toe Tape Set

Add a splash of color and fun to your dance routine with the Suffolk Fun & Colorful self adhesive Toe Tape Set. Specifically designed for en pointe dancers, this multi-color 4-pack of toe tapes combines essential foot protection with vibrant, playful designs. Perfect for dancers who want to express their personality while ensuring their feet stay comfortable and injury-free.

How to use toe tape: Self Adhesive Toe Tape is easy to use. Simply cut the desired length, wrap it around your toes or any area needing protection, and press it firmly in place. It adheres securely, ensuring long-lasting wear.

Ideal For:

  • Dancers on Pointe: Essential for ballet dancers performing en pointe, providing necessary protection and support to prevent common foot injuries.
  • Expressive Dancewear: Perfect for dancers who want to add a bit of personality and color to their dance attire while maintaining the functionality and protection of traditional toe tape.


  • Colors: White with blue hearts, Blue with white hearts, Pink with white hearts, Beige with red hearts
  • Material: Soft, durable, and breathable fabric
  • Pack Size: Multi-color 4pack - 5 yards on each roll

Style: SUF-1544

Self Adhesive Toe Tape 4 Pack - 1544
Self Adhesive Toe Tape 4 Pack - 1544 Sale price€14,00