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Just A Corpse - luxury leisure and body-wear

Just A Corpse is a luxury leisure and body-wear brand that draws inspiration from dance and fashion, two arts sharing a mutual starting point: the body. Its unique identity is a seamless blend of the two media characterised by individuality and vitality. It was created by a top model Valerija Kelava and Uroš Belantič.

In a bold fusion of style and movement, Just a Corpse seamlessly integrates fashion with the elegance of dance. JAC collections are a celebration of modern leisure, ballet, and dance wear, beautifully tailored to transition your look from the dance studio to social occasions. Co-founded by fashion maven Uroš Belantič and renowned model Valerija Kelava, the brand channels their vast international industry expertise into every piece.

Drawing strength from the power of community, JAC champion local artisans and manufacturers.

Meet JAC signature bestselling styles

CHEVRON available in a sophisticated shade of plum or one of JAC staple pastel tones of baby blush & sage. Its intricate ribbon construction made of the softest Japanese elastic ribbons echoes historical lacing & exposing your back as a significant beauty asset.

 just a corpse Chevron leotard

JUST A BOOT - Tested and approved by professional ballerinas and entirely handmade in the Slovenian Alps, these boots are feather-light, breathable, washable and extra warm due to their technical woven shell, plush filling, and polar fleece lining. They feature a cushioned removable and antibacterial insole, as well as an anti-slip outer sole initially considered for indoor use. All the materials used are vegan and of premium quality. Adjustable elastic ribbons resemble the way ballet pointes are tied up for the desired grip.


JAC design and development processes take root in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the majority of their recycled fabrics curated from manufacturers in Northern Italy. They believe in conscientious production cycles that occur entirely within Europe, ensuring that they produce only as much as they sell, minimizing deadstock and overstock. Plus, JAC consciously opt for reusable, multi-functional packaging.

just a corpse leotards 

At Just a Corpse, they pride themselves on owning their production facilities. This unique position allows them to produce one-of-a-kind items, but more importantly, it provides the opportunity to set standards for employee treatment and working conditions. Maintaining the feel of a family business, they extend support beyond the workplace to assist our team members with accommodation, visa processing, and educational opportunities for relocated seamstresses and their children. Just a Corpse brand isn't just about fashion—it's about creating an inclusive, supportive ecosystem.

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